Barry 5th Grade Team Orange

Friday, February 26th

Important Dates

  • Wednesday 3-3: Mayor Lucas visiting Barry - Performance by the Barry Step Team

  • Wednesday 3-10: PLC (Early Release @ 12:50)

  • Monday 3-15 ~ Friday 3-19: Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)

School Supplies

At this point in the year, school supplies have started to dwindle. Please check that your student still has pencils, colored pencils, a water bottle, etc.

Supplies were NOT collected this year due to COVID-19 and have been stored in their lockers. Some students have gone through their supplies faster than others and may need to replace items.

What's Happening in 5th Grade?


In Math, students are working in Math Workshop. Some students are working with adding and subtracting fractions. Then next unit will be multiplying fractions. We will be working through these units for the next week.


We have started out unit about the solar system. Students have been researching specific planets and will give a presentation over it in the upcoming week. We will continue the learning about the solar system throughout next week.



In reading, we just took our test over our compare and contrast unit. Students will receive the graded test at the beginning of next week. For our next unit, we will be looking working on finding the main idea of a text.

We will also be reviewing Figurative Language that was taught during the first semester. Students will have a chance to retake that test and improve their previous grades.


In writing, we are finishing up our persuasive pieces! Students have chosen a topic and taken a stance on that topic. We are working on using research to create STAR ideas and supporting details to convince our audience.


Our class will take their weekly spelling test every Friday. Please help your child study for this test each night. The weekly list and activity ideas will be sent home via email at the beginning of each week.


Students have a nightly requirement of reading for 30 minutes and completing their reading log. Reading consistently is important to your child's success in school. Please help them to be responsible and take the time needed to complete this homework expectation.


In Social Studies, we are currently studying Westward Expansion! We are just starting this unit this week, and we are all excited to jump in!

During this unit, we will study important people such as Daniel Boone, Lewis & Clark, and Sacagawea. We will look at the various trails (Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, California Trail, etc.) that people used to go west. We will also research Manifest Destiny, Trail of Tears, The Gold Rush, and SO MUCH MORE!

AR Goals

Your student's goal can be found on the front page of their planner. Students are expected to meet their AR goal each quarter. You can find your student's AR goal on a sticker on the front page of their planner.

AR goals are set based on STAR scores and student reading levels. Points can be earned by reading "Just Right" books and taking AR comprehension quizzes. Visit AR Book Find to check the reading level of a book, see how many AR points it is worth, and find recommendations at your child's reading level.

Scholastic Book Club Orders


Ms. Sarah Shoup

5th-Grade ELA and Social Studies - Team Orange

(816) 436 - 9623 ext. 3153

Mrs. Kyli Petty

5th-Grade Math and Science - Team Orange

(816) 436 - 9623 ext. 3152