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STUDENT NEWSLETTER/November 14, 2022

It's that time of year...

Are we on countdown for Thanksgiving Break? YES, we are! We have five fun-filled days this week before we leave for a glorious week of food and family. Let's be mindful of our time, our friends and fellow WOLVES, and mostly our teachers and all those who make our wonderful school what it is. Do your best to work hard, be intentional with your words and actions, and most importantly, express your gratitude to those here at ARIS and at home as to why you are thankful for them.

***No school: Thanksgiving Break 11/21-25, 2022

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What's happening this week?

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Be sure to plan ahead, get your grades up, and stay off the No Go List. Why? We want to see you at the event of the semester...Winter Formal!
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School Threats

If you're on social media, you know that there has been an increase in threats being made against school communities across the country. Please know that CNUSD and ARIS take any direct threat (real or fake) against the school or students very seriously. If you see or hear something, make sure to SAY SOMETHING to an adult.
Threats, real or fake, carry serious consequences.

The Next No-Go List

FYI...the next No Go List will be published on 11/28/2022. What does this mean for you? Use this week to get assignments turned in and speak with your teachers about how you can raise your grade. It's best to be proactive now rather than being reactive, which is usually too late.

Remember: The best and only way to stay off the No-Go List is by following our PACK expectations. As a Wolf, you are to be Proactive, Accountable, a positive member of the Community, and exercise Kindness. Unfortunately, if you find yourself on the No-Go List, be advised that you will not be able to participate in any extra curricular activities and field trips.

If you find yourself on the No-Go List, that means you have incurred the following infractions:

  1. 2 or more F's
  2. Excessive Tardies: 10+ tardies in periods 2-7
  3. Behavior: 10 minors, 2 majors, and/or any Ed. Code violation

But wait! You will have the opportunity to work your way off the No-Go List through one of the following options:

  • Attend Catch-Up Saturday School and bring your grades up
  • Perform Community Service
  • Demonstrate proof of improving behavior

However, to petition off the No-Go List, you will need to submit a request to the Dean of Students..that's me, Mrs. Padilla. The Dean will then review the request and respond to the student via email with the next steps of the process. You can only petition off the No-Go List twice per semester.

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Who: ARIS Wolfpack

What: IDs are to be worn on YOU

When: At ALL times

Where: On campus

Why: For your safety

How: Your ID needs to be on a lanyard around your neck or clipped near the neckline on your shirt. It is NOT to be attached or hooked to your belt loop or your backpack. It must be visible from the front at all times.

Have you joined a club?

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