Weimar Republic


1918 Stab in the Back Myth

German troops in France and Belgium are told that Germany has surrendered. They did not know about the problems that Allies have caused by blockading German ports. The troops feel cheated, STABBED IN THE BACK. This makes the new democratic Weimar Goverment seem weak, and worse than the rule by the Kaiser.

1919: The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versaille was a peace threaty that decided what would be done with Germany After the war. These terms were decided by the Big Three, the three winners of the war, America, Britain and France.

Treaty of Versaille: Military

The treaty decided that the German army would be reduced to 100,000 men, that Germany could not have an Air Force, and only 15,000 sailors with only 6 battleships. They also were not allowed submarines or tanks. What remained of the German army also could not go into the Rhineland.

Treaty of Versaille: Land

Many overseas colonies were taken over, and some of Germany was split and given to Poland. This was called East Prussia. 13% of German land was lost, and 6 million Germans were not citizens of Germany anymore. A lot of industrial land was also lost, which had huge impacts on the income of the goverment.

Treaty of Versaille: Money

Gernmany had to pay reparations to the Allies, as they were blamed for starting the war. They had to pay for the damage that France and Belgium had sustained. Although the amount was not decided in the Treaty ofVersaille, it was decided in 1921, and was 66,600 million pounds.

Treaty of Versaille: Blame

This was the most humiliating part for the German public. They did not think that they had started the war, and were embarressed and enraged at being blamed.