Louis Armstrong

Harlem Renaissance

Backround information about Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans LA on August 4, 1901 and died in his home on July 6, 1971. Armstrong was often referred to as "Satchmo," "Pops," and "Ambassador Satch."

Below is a video that tells a little more about the one and only Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong Documentary

What Louis Armstong contriubuted to this society

During the Harlem Renaissance Louis Armstrong made a lot of major contributions. Armstrong influenced a lot of the performers or artist in the history of jazz. He was the leader of the band Hot Seven and Hot Five, a trumpeter, soloist, a producer, and a comedian. When he made the song "Heebie Jeebies" a new style of music was introduced to society in 1926 called scat singing. Scat singing was rhythmic wordless singing. He also recorded "Weather Bird" and "What A Wonderful World"

How Armstrong affected his community, the world and their displine

Scat singing was introduced and many singers adopted to that style of music

Below is one of the songs that was produced by Amrstrong

Louis Armstrong - Heebie Jeebies

What Armstrong did and How He Affected Me

This artist was very significant during the Harlem Renaissance. Armstrong influenced rock music and he maintained his brilliance as a fantastic trumpeter. Armstrong affected my life because he taught me that me that new is good. You shouldn't be afraid to try anything new in the world. You have every right in the world to express yourself freely.

What If Armstrong Was Never Born?

If this person was never born a diverse style of music would have never been brought to the public eye. There would be no such thing of scat music and or any of those catchie songs such as, "What A Wonderful World."


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