Health & Safety Memo #3

September 10, 2021


Masks will continue to be required when in the building, regardless of vaccination status.

Hand Sanitizing

Staff and students will continue to sanitize their hands when entering the building.

When to Stay Home

Please remember to keep your student home if s/he is not feeling well and/or exhibiting ONE of the following symptoms: runny nose, headache, sore throat, fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, or muscle aches. Should your student develop any of these symptoms while at school, we will call you and you will need to make arrangements to retrieve your student immediately.

  • If your student displays any of the symptoms above and HAS been identified as a close contact with a known COVID-19 positive patient, your student must quarantine immediately. Next, contact the school to discuss the timeline for your next steps which will include continued quarantine and COVID-19 PCR testing - negative results must be shared with the school before your student's return to school.
  • If your student displays any of the symptoms above and HAS NOT had close contact with a known COVID-19 patient, your child may return to school if s/he is symptom-free after 24-hours without the support of medication. If your child has any of the above symptoms for more than 24-hours, your student should obtain a COVID PCR test and not return until a negative result is shared with the school and your child is symptom-free for 24-hours without the support of medication.

What Happens If There is a Positive Case in My Child's Class?

If the school is notified of a positive case, we will begin working with the Vermont Department of Health and initiate the contact tracing process. This process will involve determining whether the positive case was present at school during his/her infectious period. We will notify the families identified as close contacts by phone and email using our ParentAlert system. Our collaboration with the Vermont Department of Health will determine whether a classroom or grade will pivot to remote learning.


The school recommends that families who choose to travel domestically follow CDC guidelines. Families should PCR test 3-5 days upon returning and provide the school with the negative PCR test BEFORE the student returns to school.

Vaccine Info for Students 12 and OIder

Students 12 and up can get a vaccine at a walk-in clinic (without an appointment) or can make an appointment. Be sure your student is getting the Pfizer vaccine since that is the only vaccine that is authorized for students age 12 to 17. A child must have reached his/her 12th birthday to be eligible. If you are making an appointment online through the state website, you will only see appointments for the Pfizer vaccine. Certain pharmacies, including CVS and Kinney Drugs, are also offering the Pfizer vaccine to this age group, and some have walk-in opportunities.

For appointments made through the state website and appointments made through CVS, you will either need to:

Walgreens requires a parent or guardian to be present and give consent at the appointment.

Vermont Department of Health and Vermont Children's Hospital Algorithm

We are following this algorithm to inform decisions regarding COVID and its impact on our students.