Virtual Resume

By: Nikita Bawa


Academic Goal

S (Specific)

My goal is to achieve an overall average of at least an 85% in both semesters of grade 12 so that I receive the honour roll for both semesters of grade 12 rather than just receiving it for one.

M (Measurable)

The way in which I can keep track of my goal is that I can record down all of the marks that I receive throughout all of my courses so that I know what my approximate average is of that course. This will help me to know what I have to work towards to either make sure that the mark remains the same or that it needs to be improved. This will also determine whether I will have to get a certain average on my upcoming test or quiz so that I can receive the desirable mark in a class, and get the overall average as a whole of all of my marks so that I can achieve an honour roll in both semesters of grade 12. I can also keep track of my marks by asking my teacher what my mark is (asking for a mark update). I can also keep track of this goal by making sure that I put my best effort into all of the work that I do rather than leaving everything to the last minute and making sure that I give myself enough time to complete my work so that my end result of my marks are what I do want to receive.

A (Attainable)

I know that this goal is in fact attainable and also do agree that it will be able to achieve it only if I do work hard towards my goal. I will have to make sure that I am not leaving anything to the last minute that will in turn make my mark suffer. I will also have to study for all of my tests and quizzes because one bad mark can affect my grade negatively and may even make my average drop. The reason that stating this is important is because I usually do not study for my tests although I know that I may not pass. The reason that I do this is because I feel to over confident in myself which I should't but I do. I had done that one time and still got a 32/35 on my science unit test and felt that I didn't have to do that for any other test or quiz but what I didn't realize was that I had paid attention in class when we were learning and so that is why I did good otherwise I would have probably bombed that test.I also have to make sure that I pay attention in class because I know that I do get distracted really easily. It is very important for me to pay attention in class so that I know the course content and so that if I do not understand anything I can ask right there and then rather than waiting for last minute. I must also put in a lot of effort into the work that I present and hand in so that I can receive the best mark up to my abilities. I know that one of my weaknesses are that I leave everything to last minute and that I procrastinate a lot. Therefore I have to make sure that I do not procrastinate so that I will have more time to work and so that the results of my marks will be much better than doing everything last minute. I know that one of my strengths is that I am a very organized person and like things to remain organized. The way that I can use this to my advantage is that I will keep all of my notes throughout the courses neat so that I do not loose them and then when time comes for the exams I will have everything that I need to do well.

R (Relevant/Realistic)

The reason that this goal is relevant to me during my grade 12 year is that this is the year that counts the most. This is the year that the university people will judge your marks and it is from those marks that they will wither accept your application or decline your application. The reason that this goal is realistic is that it may be a lot of work and will take a lot of effort but there is no doubt that it is achievable. In fact when looking at what I feel and looking at my perception, I feel that any goal that a person has is achievable. I feel this especially when it comes to grades or marks because anything that you put your mind to, you can achieve. You can achieve any goal that you make all you need is determination.

T (Timely)

I plan on achieving this goal/average by the end of this semester on my two final report cards of grade 12. Some smaller goals that I will have to set are to make sure that I have to make sure that I have enough time to complete all of my assignments and to make sure that I do not procrastinate. The reason being is that I know that I do this all the time although I know that procrastination is not a good thing and so that I have enough time to edit all of my work so that it is the best that I can do. Another smaller goal is that I need to be able to go up to the teacher and ask him/her any questions that I have rather than just sitting there confused. The reason that I know, I need to be able to ask more questions is that although all the time teachers do encourage us to ask questions I feel a little scared most of the time and so I don not ask questions but rather just do what I feel is right, which I shouldn't do. One last small goal that I need to set is to make sure that I do not forget about this goal and that I continue to refer back to the goal. I know this because throughout grade 9, I had made many goals but completely forgot to refer back to them and so I totally forgot that I had created these goals.

Volunteer Goal

S (Specific)

My goal is to complete at least more than 100 hours of community service by the end of my grade 12 year in high school.

M (Measurable)

I can keep track of this goal by writing down how many hours I have to complete and how many I have already completed so that I know how many hours I must work towards to complete my goal. I can keep track of how many days that I have PA days and what days I have early release day, and maybe even after my exams throughout high school. After recording down these days I can see as to where it is that I can volunteer. I usually do volunteer at my brother's middle school (Sunny View Middle School) but that is a school and then we usually have the same PA days off and then I get lazy and just stay at home rather than getting out and looking for other volunteering places. Which is a mistake because I should be taking any chance/opportunity that I have in order to earn volunteering hours and helping in the community in any way possible. I can put together all of the days that I do have off and calculate how many hours more I will have to do in order to achieve my goal.

A (Attainable)

In order to achieve this goal I will have to volunteer at other places rather than only volunteering at my middle school. The reason that I need to research other places in the community where I can volunteer is that because they are both schools we usually have PA days on the same days rather than having them on different days. Another reason is that if I just keep waiting for a day that I have a day off and my brother doesn't, I will be wasting time that I could be spending volunteering in the community and earning my hours. Therefore, I will have to research other places that I can volunteer at that are located close to where I live. I also need to make sure that the volunteer job that I take will preferably be on the weekends rather than on the weekdays because then I would not have a ride. If I do for whatever reason have to take a volunteer job opportunity during the weekdays, I will have to get a ride from somewhere. Another thing that I will have to think About is that if I will accept a job opportunity during the weekdays I will also have school work (homework) and assignments, and will also have to study for tests and quizzes and for that I will also need to manage my time. I know that I am a very organized person and can plan things out very well, but when it comes to goal setting I have to remember to refer back to my goals every now and then so that I am reminded of what it is that I have to do. So that I am constantly reminded of my goal because I know that I am a very forgetful person.

R (Relevant/ Realistic)

The goal is realistic because it is my volunteer hours that I have to complete in order to graduate from high school. This is not the only reason that I would like to achieve this goal. Another reason that I want to achieve this goal is that I always like to help people when I can and what better way to get involved in the community and helping others with time that I spend just sitting around and doing nothing at home. This is a very achievable goal because all it requires is hard work to finish the work that I get assigned from school and time management so that I can complete my tasks from school on time as well as my approximately 100 hours of community service.

T (Timely)

I plan on completing my 100 hours by the end of my grade 12 school year, which would be before I receive my final report card from my final semester of grade 12. Some smaller goals that I will have to set are that I need to make sure that I find new places to volunteer at rather than just volunteering at my brother's school. Another goal that I have to set is to try to get a volunteer job on the weekend rather than just on the weekdays. Another goal is that if I do not get a job on the weekends but rather on the weekdays I have to make sure that I get a ride. Also another goal that I will have to set is that if I do get a volunteer job on the weekdays, I must make sure that I am completing all of my assigned work and definitely making sure to not leave things to last minute or just not completing them on time.

Part Two

Transitions and change

Criminal Psychology By:Nikita Bawa

Part 3



I am passionate about using my experience in criminal psychological training at the Cassie Campbell Community Station and using the skills and work experience that I have gained over the years in order to create a positive learning experience for myself as well as my peers.


York University

Master's Degree

  • Focus much more on ability to undertake independent research tasks. Completed the MRes (‘Master of Research’) and the MPhil (‘Master of Philosophy’) training.

Toronto, Ontario

April 2024

Bachelor's Degree

  • In further depth, the study of how people and/or groups think and feel. The observance of human behaviour, how they think, how they feel and in the majority of cases, why they think and feel the way the do

Toronto, Ontario

April 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)

  • I have achieved an honour roll both semesters throughout all four years of high school.

Brampton , Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018


Peel Regional Police Station

Job as a criminal psychologist

  • Completed a job at Peel Regional Police where I worked on cases, creating criminal profiles and paperwork on how the criminals think as well as investigating and analysing crime scenes to give clues to the police about what the criminal may be thinking or possible actions taken

  • Contact:(905) 458-1340

Brampton, Ontario

October 2022 - 2025



  • Participated in an internship within probation and parole offices, correctional facilities, treatment facilities, police services, various residential centres and other community justice agencies. Also taught me skills to analyse the reasons for crime and the various approaches to crime prevention, as well as the means to support healthy and safe communities.

  • Contact: (519) 748-5220

Waterloo, Ontario

September 2018 - September 2022



  • I have worked in helping the teachers at Eco-club creating new innovative ideas for a way to present information

  • I have helped in creating scripts for the presentations

  • I have went from class to class presenting information

  • I have helped by planting trees and plants to make the environment more healthy of the school

Brampton, Ontario

September 2016 - June 2018


Team Captain

  • I have worked towards helping in bringing the team together and helping the coach in deciding the positions each player would fit best after studying the way in which each player played and closely examining their strengths to use them for the better of the team

Brampton, Ontario

January 2015 - May 2015


William Osler Health System

Co-op placement

  • I am the team lead from September 2018 - Present

  • I have also helped to guide people with the directions that they need

  • I have worked at the gift shop with managing money and putting prices

Contact Info. : hospital's main line at 905/416-494-2120


  • Ability to manage and organise information

  • Decision making skills

  • Listening skills

  • Sense of responsibility

  • Teamwork

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Effective oral and written communication skills

  • Positive attitude and behaviour

  • Strong work ethic

  • Willingness to keep learning


Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Student of the Month

June 2018

November 2017

January 2016

May 2015


Science camp for teens 2011-2012

  • Helped in working with kids and managing all of the games and other activities in the camp and also had to think and create new fun and exciting ways for the kids to have fun and interact with each other which also helped to further increase my communication and critical thinking skills.

April 2011


  • Some interests include being outgoing, loving to meeting new people, not afraid of facing new challenges, and most importantly I am not afraid to do something different.


Ms. Gandhi, Teacher, Sunny View Middle School, Contact Information: 416-450-0565 or

Address: 30 Chapparal Dr, Brampton, ON

Ms. Dhaliwal, Teacher, Louise Arbour Secondary School, Contact Information:

Address: 365 Father Tobin Rd, Brampton, ON L6R 0R4

Part 4


Challenge #1: Trusting People

I feel that one challenge that a criminal psychologist will have to face is having a hard time trusting people. As a criminal psychologist, you may work closely with officers and other federal agents (for example FBI, or CBI) and helping them to solve crimes and crack cases by creating criminal profiles usually for "violent offenders" of the law such as murderers, kidnappers, rapists, robbers and other sorts of criminals. When looking at the normal day of a criminal psychologist, they spend most of their day and their time studying and observing these criminals and the thoughts that go on in a criminal's mind. The negative effect that this has is that because psychologists are usually studying people who may seem and look innocent but have actually committed serious crimes, it may be hard for them to interact and meet new people. Now interacting with people is not the problem here but rather the fact of trust and being able to trust new people that come in their lives without studying them first and throwing personal questions at them. I feel this especially because criminal psychologists do in fact create very detailed criminal profiles on a regular basis. When on a daily basis you are closely observing and studying people, it becomes very hard for not only you to trust new people. However, when looking at this situation from the other point of view, the people that meet the criminal psychologist may feel uncomfortable around them (a criminal psychologist). This is because lets be honest, who would want to be friends with someone who continuously asks you questions without giving them a break and only a few minutes of meeting with them. That is why I feel that as a criminal psychologist it would be very hard for that person to trust someone new without closely observing and maybe even interrogating them. I feel that it would be very hard to overcome this challenge but what you could do is that you could remember that you will have to keep your work life and personal different from each other. Another way in which they could possibly overcome this challenge is by putting themselves in the other person's shoes so that they may feel what that person that they are interrogating may feel like and then realise that they should at least give the person a chance because they just met them and they should not jump to conclusions. I also feel that the psychologist also needs to understand that not everyone is a criminal and not everyone would be hiding something from someone.

Challenge #2: Time

I feel that another challenge that a criminal psychologist will have to face is time. Time is something that is very easy to lose and never possible to bring back. I feel that time is the most valuable thing of any human beings life. For a Criminal psychologist, time is very precious and important. When watching television shows like "Criminal Minds" or "How to Get Away With Murder," solving cases are not as easy as portrayed. It can take weeks, months or even years to find a clue or a way to figure out why a criminal may have taken the certain actions that they did. I feel that criminal psychologists will face problems in having a family and having relationships outside of work because as a psychologist the cases that you get and the time that you have to spend on that certain case is unpredictable. As said before the amount of time that a psychologist may spend on one case can vary from days, to weeks, to months, and sometimes even years. Having an unpredictable schedule and having work day and night may also create stress in a psychologist's mind because they feel that they have to find a clue and that there just might be something that they missed if they did not find a clue. Even when you go at home and may have a family with kids and your partner, it may be very difficult to make sure that you are not always working on the case and that you need to spend time with your family too. If you don't spend time with your family and give your work more importance then there may be a higher chance of you facing problems with your family and having more fights and arguments about keeping work life and family life separate from each other. A way that a psychologist may decide to overcome this challenge is to manage their time more wisely if they are experiencing issues at home with their family and maybe decide to set some boundaries. For example, If you are a criminal psychologist and you are constantly working on your cases and not giving enough time to your wife. She feels that you are giving work more importance than her and your kids and so you both sit down and decide certain rules, like setting a certain time that you are spending with your family and then you can continue to work on your case. Basically all you need to do to overcome this challenge is to manage your time wisely and maybe have a schedule of what time it is that you are spending on your cases and how much time you are going to spend with your family. In this way both your family life and work life will remain balanced.

Challenge #3: Safety at Risk

I feel that this is another challenge that criminal psychologists may face. The reason that I feel this is because throughout their lives they are studying new kinds of criminals and having to deal with these criminals who have committed serious crimes. When interviewing these criminals and creating their criminal profiles criminal psychologists are usually alone with the criminals in one room things may get scary and you may feel that your safety is at risk. This would be especially because you are sitting a closed room with a criminal and you may never know what is going to happen. As a criminal psychologist on your first day of doing (interrogation and talking to the criminal in order to create a criminal profile) your job and creating a criminal profile may seem to be overwhelming as you may not feel safe with a criminal even though they may be handcuffed because afterall they are a criminal and it also may not be as easy to figure out as to why it is exactly that they had committed their crime because talking to some people may be easy and you may get out a lot of information but when you are talking to someone who many not be particularly willing to share, things may be a lot more harder. Therefor I feel that a criminal psychologist may feel that their safety is in danger because they do not know the criminal and the fact that they are alone with a criminal in a closed room, I mean who wouldn’t be scared. The way in which I think that a criminal psychologist could overcome this challenge is that they could remember that this is their job and that they would have to get used to it because this was going to be their job for the rest of their life. I also feel that a criminal psychologist should not feel scared because they need to understand that there is a lot of security and that they should not feel that their safety is at risk at all.