Exploring PowerPoint

EDUC 417 Module 2

What is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a creative way to present, promote, and professionalize information. Through PowerPoint, the user can add text, videos, images, and sound to add a personal touch.

What are Some Ideas Using PowerPoint?

1. Travel Around the World - In small groups, a teacher can create a PowerPoint about the different countinents around the world and each slide will focus on a different continent. The teacher can include four to five facts and at least one image or video about each continent.

2. Animal Kingdom - The teacher can define, identify, and group animals through PowerPoint by utilizing the programs many features. These features include using text, video, images, and/or sound to learn about the animal kingdom. This idea can be used as an introduction to the subject or review to gauge student comprehension.

3. Story Time - The teacher can create examples of story elements and genres using PowerPoint, which can be adapted for any grade level. For example, a first grade class may focus on characters, major events, and setting while a fifth grade class may focus on comparing and contrasting characters. For a first grade class, the teacher could create a section of slides dedicated to a set of characters, major events, and setting from a particular book.

4. Mathematical! - A teacher can use PowerPoint as a math review game by including a slide with a math problem and the next slide containing the answer. The teacher can also make this a game by dividing the class into teams and rewarding points for each correct answer. The prize can be candy to potentially earning extra credit for an upcoming assignment, quiz, or exam.

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Three Links to Sources


Ellen Finkelstein is a website with ideas, tricks and tips on ways to use PowerPoint in or out of the classroom.


Using helpful animations and how-to's, this blog shows how to incorporate PowerPoint tools by providing suggestions when creating a presentation.


Presentation magazine is a great website for free templates and backgrounds for every subject or topic.