Lionel Messi

By Anthony

Why is Lionel Messi Famous

Messi is famous becauseof his amazing football skills but he is currently the greatest playerin the world. He also has relentless attacking style and impeccable speed. Messi has his own charity for disabled kids. He is very talented in soccer. Messi shares the same lower body strength as mike norrish.

Messi Culture

Messi worked in a steel factory as a cleaner and also born in Argentina. Messi came from a poor family but got very rich.Messi started playing soccer in 1995.He use to play for a youth team called Newells Old Boys team.Messi was the youngest player in 2006.

Messi's Family

Messi has a wife and a kid .Messi grew up in a Argentine city called Rosario.Perhaps it is fortune then that Messi still carries with him the pulse of Rosario. Messi learned a game called Rocky Wastelands in the third largest city in Argentina. He is also Spanish And Argentine.

Messi's Apperance

Messi's height is 5ft.7.Messi has dark hair he is also very fast and he has long legs. Messi never gives up he was also born on the 24 June 1987 (age 27) he plays for Argentina and is very skinny.