Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies


I hope you all had a nice weekend and are staying well. We have a great week ahead of us and have another short week coming up in the following week!

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday Jan. 14th- 2nd Nine Weeks Award Assembly 9:00

Monday, Jan. 19th- No School. Martin Luther King Holiday

What's Happening in Week 20! ( January 12th-16th )


Complete Chapter 9: Fractions and Probability

Excel Lessons # 70-74

Rockin' Math Facts

Guided Math (Learning Stations)

Social Studies

This week we will continue working in our new Maps, Globes, and Graphs workbook and will be creating simple maps of our community. We will read the Geography Skills portion of our Social Studies textbook on Using Directions to help create a map.


We rocked our first week of our unit on rocks!! I was right about our kids bringing pockets full of rocks to school, but I bet some brought pockets of rocks home too! They really enjoyed observing the Big Box of Rocks kits that we had and many brought in very unique rocks from home too! We will continue to talk about the different types of rocks and will have a few projects if I can gather the supplies before the end of the week! This will really help them learn / remember the types of rocks and how they are formed.

Making Our Own Rocks!

Guided Math!

The kids really like the new math stations! Mostly because they think it's a fun time! I am working on keeping the kids' conversations focused on math rather than free topics. I downloaded a few math fact games on the iPads thanks to the iTunes gift card from Boone! (Thanks Boone!) Math Vs. Zombie has been the most popular. I've played them myself and they are a fun way to practice math facts. I am looking to eventually get another iPad or two for the classroom, so if you come across a good deal, let me know! The Hands-On Math station has been going well. The kids are working really good together. Each hands-on math game is connected to a first or second grade math standard. There's a mixture of high and low tasks to keep everyone excited and engaged. We are working on doing our best work with the Math Journals. Some students really take pride in their journals and some still have a hard time with them. Practice makes progress!


Ch. 9 Math Test: Wednesday

Unit 3 Math Test: Friday

Science: The 3 Types of Rocks: Friday

{Study Guides in Homework Packet}

Social Studies: Map Project