Connor Roberts Memorial

A Technical high School for the New Age

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to promote technical studies in the fields of engineering, architecture, and other professions that allows student to develop and learn in a hands on experience. We pride ourselves with teaching these subjects without giving so much work that people can still be social and have lives unlike many other people who do nothing but work at other technical schools.

Things our School offers:

School hours:

First block: 8:15-9:30

Second block: 9:35-10:50


-Lunches: red, blue, green, purple

-red: 11-11:25

-blue: 11:30-11:55

-green: 12-12:25

-purple: 12:30-12:55

Fourth: 1:05-2:35

Study/sports and pe/independent reading time: 2:40-3:20