1A Classroom Update 7

Happy New Year!

Welcoming in the New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a marvelous new year. 1A has welcomed the year with open arms and we are just as excited to let you know how we have started gotten started.. Please read through our smore for important dates and reminders.


Our 1A friends continue to make strides in Readers Workshop. They have continued to delve in deeper into the world of retelling by identifying the main characters, setting, and main events. In these past couple of weeks, 1A has focused on finding the problem in the story. Here we have students read through their books and place the letter P to show that is where the problem is in their story. Once this happens students must explain why it is a problem and how do they know this. The example given in the mini – lesson was through Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Students expressed what the problems in the story were (eating porridge, broken chair, and sleeping in baby bears bed) and then explained how it was a problem since Goldilocks used their things without asking permission. Next week, we will be learning how to identify the solution once we have discovered the problem. In order for our wonderful readers to keep practicing these new concepts, have them continue to look for the beginning, middle, and end of the story read and now look for the problem. Have them explain to you what the problem is and how do they know!


In this new year, our 1A authors have been working really hard on making their writing come to life. In these past couple of weeks, our authors have also turned into editors. Student’ keep working with partners to compliment each other’s writing and uses different colored pens to add punctuation marks and capital letters. In the next coming weeks, we will dive into Nonfiction Writing!


We are so proud of the strong start our 1A scholars have had in math this term! The mathematicians are learning that it is possible to have an addition problem with 3 different addends (6+5+4). When students are presented with this we encourage them to find the "10 combination," where they are asked to find the two numbers in the equation that equal 10 first. This way students understand that there is an efficient way to add these numbers together. Our next step is to continue to investigate the possible advantages of working with groups of tens. In the next several weeks, our 1A friends will be introduced to the unit of measurement! When measuring, students will learn how they must start and end at the same spot. Students will also compare two lengths to find the differences and be able to do so in a real-world experience. We are so excited!

Inquiry - What's the Matter?
Our 1a scholars been introduced to their new Inquiry Unit! STATES OF MATTER!! We began our study with a trip to the New York Hall of Science where 1A was able to investigate the different properties of soap bubbles. Since then, our students have also learned everything in our universe is made up of matter, and that matter comes in 3 different states: solid, liquid, and gas. Our scholars were fascinated to learn that everything is comprised of atoms and it is the distance between these atoms that determines whether something is a solid, liquid, or gas. Our next step in our scientific journey is to investigate the different changes matter can go through. Time to melt some ice cubes!

Trip to the Hall of Science!

Emergency Management

Last week our friends were taken to an Emergency Management Presentation. Here our friends learned about what to do if there was an emergency. The 1A friends received a lot of useful information on how to prepare for an emergency.
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First Time At The Armory!!!

Reading Book Take Home Program!

Take Home Books!

Last week we started the Reading Book Take Home Program. We have had some questions regarding the program and the set days to take and bring in books. Here is the breakdown for the program.

The “Backpack Books” Home Program has begun! Your child will select one book on Friday to put in their yellow Take Home Folder. This book will give your child another opportunity to engage with a text at their independent reading level. Please have them read this book to you at least two times before returning it on Wednesday. For your child to receive a new book, they must bring back the previous one.

“Backpack Books” Home Program Schedule

Friday: Book goes home.

Sat - Tuesday: Child reads at least two times.

Wednesday: Book is returned.

Friday: New book goes home if previous book was returned.

Reading Logs:

Reading logs are used for us to keep track of the books being used. Please make sure you sign the reading logs when your child reads the book given. Reading logs should be returned when they are filled up on both sides. When this happens, students will be given a new log in order for them to start reading new books.

Book Return:

All books should be returned by Wednesday. If a child is absent, then please return the folder and the book no later than Thursday.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns!


Please be aware that there is NO SCHOOL this coming Monday January 18 due to the Martin Luther King Holiday!

Take Home Folders: Please send the Take Home Folders Back On WEDNESDAY along with the books your child has. We have sent some white folders in place of the Yellow Take Home Folders but would like the original folders back.

A Science Update from Ms. Rosabal!

The first grade has been rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty! Well, not dirty, but definitely wet. We're learning all about the properties of matter with lots and lots of hands-on exploration in Science class. Building on our prior knowledge about how Scientists observe using their five senses, they've used their senses of sight and touch to manipulate balloons, water balloons, and frozen water balloons. They've made some excellent observations and taken descriptive notes, which we're recording on a giant sheet of mural paper! Next up for first grade Scientists: Properties of Liquid: A Deep Dive (tee hee).

Physical Education Update from Coach M & M

Check out what we have started in Physical Education!

Winter OLYMPICS!!! in inspiration with the upcoming summer games we are doing some indoor winter olympic activities :)

We are currently building our "Curling" skills and moving onto downhill skiing IN OUR GYM!!!! although we wish we were on the ski slopes we are modifying our games for indoor fun competitions

To watch Liam demonstrating the cues for underhand throwing/tossing enter: 1a for the password


1A Artists Work on Self Portraits

Check out 1A's self portraits — in progress!! Fantastic Work!! David Park would be AMAZED!! I can't imagine what these self portraits will look like when they're finished!!

Happy New Year from the Studio Lab!

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