Typhoid Fever Freakout

By: Micah and Tonya

Symptoms of Typhoid Fever

It may start with a dull headache, and fatigue. Then you might get a fever, dry cough, no appetite, abdominal pain, and a rash. Then after a week you might have high fever, weight loss, and an enlarged stomach. On the 3rd week you will get delirious, and lie motionless with your eyes half closed. On the 4th fever decreases, and symptoms may occur after two weeks.

Causes of Typhoid Fever

Causes and Who's affected

Typhoid fever is caused by eating foods or drinking beverages contaminated with Salmonella bacteria.  The illness is highly contagious. Who's Affected- Children and Young Adults are at high risk.

Location and Treatments

Location of typhoid fever is worldwide. Also recently in Cental and South America, Aftrica, and Southern Asia. Treatments are antibiotics(Cipro and Rocephin) also drinking plenty of fluids, eating a healthy diet.