Miss Fuchs' Weekly News

1st Grade News- Friday, September 16

Mark Your Calendar

Monday, September 19: Dress like a Pirate Day (Students who bring in $5 on Monday can come in pirate garb and receive a fun eyepatch! All proceeds are going to our CURE fundraiser.)

Friday, September 23: Spelling and Weekly Quiz, Homework Packet 4 due

Saturday, September 24: River's Alive Community Service Day (email justgyms@att.net to participate!)

Wednesday, September 28: Science Chapter 2 test (Design Process)

Thursday, September 29: FSA Pep Rally for CURE

Friday, September 30: Timeline Project due (will be distributed on 9/16), Social Studies test on Time/TImelines

Wednesday, October 26: Field Trip to Hillcrest Orchards! (more information to come!)


  • First Grade Homework Packet #4
  • Math Packet #4
  • My Timeline Project
  • Math study guide packet!

Carpool Safety Reminder

I sent out a quick email yesterday, but I just wanted to reinforce the procedures for carpool to ensure our children's safety at all times. Thank you all for being so patient and helpful!

  • 3:30 Carpool: ALL parents go through the upstairs carpool line and scan their child's card. We will send them up accordingly.
  • 4:10 Carpool: 1st graders will be dismissed from our elementary hallway. Parents will be asked their names upon entry and we will send children to you.
  • If your 1st grader has a sibling, they will be picked up with them in the hallway. Please note that older students don't get released from clubs until 4:20.
  • If your child is in a paid-for club or team (taekwondo, Destination Imagination, chess), they will be dismissed from clubs at 4:20. Pickup will still be in our hallway.

Coins for a Cure Fundraiser

September is Children's Cancer Awareness Month, and FSAPS is doing our part! “COINS FOR A CURE!” is a month-long fundraising initiative that will benefit children’s cancer research and a local non-profit charity, CURE. Our goal is to raise $1,000 for the CURE foundation and their childhood cancer research. Each grade has a beautiful change jar, and students are encouraged to bring in spare change and fill our first grade jar! Jars will be counted at the end of each week and then a final count will happen at the end of the month. The class that collects the most coins will win a dress down day and pizza party. We will find out who the winning grade level is at the end of the month on the 29th at a school wide pep rally. I would love for all of our awesome first graders to join in and support this worthy cause! Together we can make a difference!

IMPORTANT Uniform Reminder

Now that students are a full month into the school year, the uniform policy outlined in the student/parent handbook will be more closely monitored. If your child is new to the school and uniforms have not arrived, no worries. If, however, your student has been enrolled since our start date of August 8, he/she is expected to be in full uniform.

Common dress code violations include:

  • Non-uniform jackets (all jackets worn in the classroom should only be uniform)
  • Non-uniform pants
  • High school students not wearing their oxford shirts
  • Non-uniform shoes

Mrs. Campbell has been going from room to room doing surprise uniform inspections. For every class with a full pass on their inspection, they will get a dress-down day. Lets work together to make this happen!

Make Faire Atlanta and Atlanta Science Festival

This year, Atlanta is hosting two big events that will greatly benefit our students - the Maker Faire Atlanta and Atlanta Science Festival. Any student who visits one (or both) of these events will receive 10 extra bonus points on one of their science tests for each visit. To qualify for these extra credit points, please send photos of students at the event to me!

Mark your Calendars!

FSAConnect Questionnaire-Please Fill Out

As part of our efforts to provide easy access for our faculty to essential, accurate and updated student information, we have created an important Student & Parent Information Questionnaire under FSAConnect.

We ask that all parents fill out the questionnaire for each of their children as follows:

  • Login to your child's FSAConnect account
  • Click on "Site pages" on the left side of the screen under Dashboard
  • Click on Students & Parent Information Questionnaire
  • Click on "Answer the questions…" and fill out the answers.
  • If you have another child, please log out and log back in with the credentials of the other child and fill out the form for that child. Do the same if you have more children at Fulton Science Academy.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Home Visit Program

I absolutely love home visits! Home visits are a special program offered by FSAPS to help build the parent, student, and teacher relationship. This is an opportunity for your child's teachers to visit and get a closer look at their life at home. This helps a teacher to know more about each of his/her students, and build a strong relationship between school and family. These are optional, but if you would be interested in planning a home visit for your child, please see the information below.

How Can You Schedule a Home Visit?

This process is very simple. Please send an e-mail to our home visit coordinator, Mrs. Unal, at junal@fultonscienceacademy.org. In that email, please provide three available dates for your child's home visit. We will get back to you to confirm a date. At least two teachers will be together for home visits; specific names/subjects will be dependent upon teacher availability.

For any questions you have about this program, please send an e-mail to junal@fultonscienceacademy.org.

Please note: the best times to set up a home visit are weekdays after 5!

What's going on in our class:

Reading and Language Arts

In Reading we will be practicing:

  • the short /u/ sounds, final consonant blends, and identifying rhyming words
  • declarative sentences, interrogative sentences, exclamatory sentences
  • looking at the cause and effect in a story
  • Identifying the settings, characters, and plot of a story
  • building our vocabulary.

Spelling words: crust, bump, jump, must, just, dust, trust, dusk, hunt, lump, home, into, many, them

Wordily Wise Vocabulary: Desert, bend, stump, temperature, dusk, enormous, decay, volcano, skeleton, prehistoric

Writing: practice writing complete sentences using good word choice- "WOW" words-to make our writing a masterpiece!

Test on reading comprehension and phonics, and spelling test quiz will be on Friday, September 23. All Reading/Spelling tests will take place on Fridays.

Social Studies

We will be sharing our symbol presentations with one another in class on Tuesday and Thursday! I am so impressed with how well all the projects turned out, and cant wait to hear the presentations!

Our next project, a timeline project, is going home in folders today! Please read the rubric carefully and start pacing out the project - it is due in two weeks!


We have be looking into the Design Process, which is like the scientific method for investigating and creating new things. We will discuss how scientist create different prototypes until they get the results they want. We will be using the design process to create a birds nest-using different materials. We will also be constructing a boat, and will analyze which trial worked best.

YIPEE for science experiments and Discoveries !!!

Character Education

We will be focusing on caring and kindness for the month of September. We will continue to develop our strong listening and earning skills in the classroom.