Greek City-States

By: Katie Hawk

Who lived in the city-states

Pericles and Cleomenes were leaders of the two most powerfful city-states of greece

Pericles and Cleomenes

What were City-States in Ancient Greece?

What were the city-states of Ancient Greece like?

In Ancient Greece a city-state was called a polis. Most of the time in the middle of the city-state there was an Acropolis. An acropolis is a natural harbor. In Greece each city-state had there own social, religious, judicial, and political institutions. People that lived in Greek city-states usually lived more in the city than the farmland. Each city-state or polis were involved in international affairs. In Ancient Greece there were usually one or more temples in each city-state. In most Greek city-states all male citizens had equal political rights based on property ownership. Each city-state had its own boundaries, written laws and currency.

The city-states history was often represented by statues. While each city-city had its own identity, the collection of city-states made up the country of Greece.

When were the important things going on in Ancient Greece?

The city-state if Athens was founded in 3000 BCE. In 2500 BCE Minoan culture in Crete developed. There were Mycnae people in Athens in 1500 to 1100 BCE. The iron age of Greece was in 1050 BCE.

Why were Ancient Greece City-States Created?

The mountains, isolated valleys, and numerous offshore islands encouraged Greek city-states to develop. It has many harbors and is really hard to travel between geographical centers. The Greeks did not want one king because of this. So they developed separately because of the geographical features. The travel and communication between areas was very difficult for the Greeks. Only 20% of the land could be farmland because there were many mountains and it was very hard to travel on. Many pockets of the fertile land were isolated from each other. The ancient communities were attracted to these pockets of fertile land and developed around it to form independent city-states.
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