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Some things that I use that creates my digital dossier is google.I use google all the time when I am at home doing some homework or at school researching something for my project.I will probably have a history of everything that I have search up over the past years.Another thing thats creates my digital dossier is my gmail account. I use it to text to my friends and my family. It can come to great use sometimes like if i need help doing a question for my homework then I can just text my friend for help. I also play games on the internet and that sometimes means that I need to give some information.That leaves a digital footprint because people could use some of that info for unknown uses.I also download music in my tablet to listen to. which gives me music choices from other music I listen to.My parents also gives my other relatives some of my pictures so then my relatives could pass down the picture to the people they know and the chain could go on forever.
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Some times we don't even know we are leaving a digital footprint. when you were born they recorded you gender,age,where you were born,and when you were born.when I login to a website it leaves a mark that people can follow. When I watch a youtube video I also has a history and people can follow it to find out what I or anyone could be watching.I also use some math games to help me develop me skills and that could be a good thing If you are leaving a good digital footprint.Not all digital footprints could be a disadvantage It could also add you too If you keep a clean record or just don"t go on things like snapchat or Instagram.This is my digital dossier.