Burnette Books

October 2015

It's the Great Pumpkin, BES!

Our first annual pumpkin contest is on! Each team will decorate your pumpkin to resemble a character from a children's book. Bring your pumpkin to the Media Center by Friday, October 16. Pumpkins will be displayed all month, and our students will be voting for the best pumpkin! Let's all play fair- don't tell your students which pumpkin is yours!

Rock 'n Read

Thanks to everyone for supporting our reading program! Keep encouraging your students to read! Don't forget to set a classroom reading goal for October. Congrats to our classes who met their September reading goal:

  • Cobert
  • Hogan
  • Smith
  • No
  • Mieldezis
  • Hurlburt
  • Wagner
This month, our genre of the month for grades 3-5 is fantasy. I thought October was a good month to feature this genre! Fantasy books include elements of magic, mythical creatures, or supernatural events, such as talking animals, dragons, or time travel. Several popular series, such as the Magic Tree House and Infinity Ring, can be classified as fantasy.


The Makerspace has been hopping for the first two months of school! Thanks to everyone who volunteered to try out this new space with me. Teachers in grades 3-5, if you are interested in working in some Makerspace time for your students, please come and talk with me! Though many of our teachers are using the space during math rotations, there are lots of creative ways to use this space. It doesn't have to be once a week- your students can rotate through every other week, or once a month. I'd be happy to talk out some ideas with you!

Poster Maker

For those interested in learning to use the Poster Maker, I will continue to schedule training sessions. It works best if you actually make a poster during these sessions, so I like to keep them relatively small. The next few sessions will be during planning times in the upcoming weeks. If you have not sent me an email expressing interest in a Poster Maker training, please do so I can get you on the list!

5th Grade Visits the Civil War

Check out our cool technology project for our 5th grade students! Using the costumes from the Civil War Traveling Trunk, the green and blue screens, and the DoInk app, we are time traveling back to the Civil War!