Fight Song Service Project

Yatin Obili

Be The Match Foundation

I worked with the Be the Match Foundation. I volunteered at a health fair at a Bone marrow donation booth. We help find matches with people who had blood cancers and issues with their bone growth. We took samples of peoples cheek cells. Then we saw if they matched and shipped them off to the company headquarters and they did the rest. The people with Cancer would be happy that someone is there for them. It was a great opportunity for me. It taught me that there are many people in the world without perfect lives. I would love to do this again. I would recommend this to someone.

Helping Others

It is important to help people who are in need or are going through tough times. If you give them something good or something they need to live, then they will happy that there are people in the world that choose to help them. Sometimes, all a sick person will want is a cure or some kind of thing to help. I did this project not just to get a good grade but to help someone to continue living a happy life. Think of all the tough times you've been through. It is always like this for underprivileged families. All the world needs is people who are willing to give out the needy.

UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund)

UNICEF is a Non-Profit Organization made by the United Nations. It donates to countries and places with low resources. I would like to donate and volunteer with them. They go many places and host many fairs to donate. It is not only good but it is also good for the people in need