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Weekly Team Update

January Celebrations!

With the offers and incentives from the Home office, January was a fun filled month. Thanks to the Dot Dollar Redemption period, it gave us a great start to the new year! The Spring Line is bright and colorful and customers seem to be happy to have their hands on the new products.

A few team celebrations...

  • Congratulations to Jessica for earning the most during the Dot Dollar redemption period!
  • Hooray for Janelle for earning a pair of the Parker sunglasses as well as two of the team incentives!

Keep up the great momentum! We can do what we want with this fun business. No matter what your "why" is, make the most of each month.

Cheers to a great January!

Trunk Show Tip

Make a list of organizations that you would like to help. It could be any type of non-profit that could benefit from a fundraising event. Reach out to friends or acquaintances that you know that have a connection with the organization. Approach them about a charity trunk show. You can determine the % of your profits that you would like to donate. Many times, stylists, donate a % of their own profits and keep the hostess rewards. You can also give a monetary donation as well as the hostess rewards. You decide what works best for you.

A few reasons why I have found fundraising events to be successful...

  • People are happy to donate to a cause, and appreciate getting something in return.
  • Customers like to know that a percentage of what they are paying will be benefiting others.
  • Charity hostesses seem to promote their trunk show more, since they want their organization to benefit from the show.
  • It's a great way to spread the word, that you are a stylist for S & D. More connections=future sales and trunk shows!
  • In the end, you helped make a difference for an organization!

This could be a simple fundraiser to help a local sports team with their fundraising efforts or larger event such as a school fundraiser. If you ever want to chat about how the logistics of a fundraiser trunk show, please let me know.

Tax note: your contributions to the non-profit, would then be tax deductible. Just make sure you keep your documentation along with their Tax ID number.

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Tax Info

You will be receiving a 1099 form from Stella & Dot and it will be mailed on February 1st. This paperwork will be sent to you if you earned $600.00 or more during the 2015 year. Feel free to check out this link for additional tax info from Stella & Dot.

Don't forget to keep track of your income and expenses that relate to Stella & Dot. Stella & Dot has created a form that I use. Click here to view the form.

Training Opportunity

Lindsay Walsh, our Diamond Director will be hosting a weekly call series in February. This call will be focused on promoting to Star. I'll be listening to the calls each Monday as well. If this interests you, hop on the call, or listen to it at a time that works for you. Each of the calls will be recorded.

Weekly Call Info:

Call in number is (641) 715-3620
access code: 674583#

Playback number (641) 715-3460
access code: 674583#

There are many incentives when you hit Star. One of which, is your StyleFix pass, you can get $1,000 in samples for $198! You also earn a $500 promotion when you hit this rank. You get an additional $500 when you earn this pay rank again within 6 month of the first time you promoted to this level. I am working towards this level, and would love for you to join me!