Scientific Revolution

Necholas Sermons

What was the change?

The scientific revolution was the change in thought and belief, to changes in social and institutional organization. It happen in Europe between 1550-1700.It was a devolopment which rose in the 16th century.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact the society at the time?

It changed people's perspective about the world. People who did'nt believe things about the world it gave them a different perspective. Many people changed there view of science, life and love.

How is that change evident in today's modern society?

The scientific revolution still effects modern day. How? Because we started off without technogly, people made hand made machines, And no one even could tell the weather. Now that we have been threw that period we knew how to improve science, how to fine cure's for dieses and how things are mean to be.