Culture walk to one of the oldest cultures in history.

Culture Walk to one of the languages of the world made of many countries cultures.

1 Poland has traditional dances that remind us of the good and bad life of the

past. 2 In WWII, Warsaw was captured and Poland was divided between two side’s,

German and Russian; today there is still a difference in cultures. 3 Long ago, Warsaw

was once a Mongolian city that still has the Mongol influence today. 4 The culture of

Poland/Warsaw was made by different cultures to create this unique culture.


Food is like the tradition it has lived for years and has never been changed. 1 Two popular dishes in Poland are small pancakes with slices of fresh apples and potato pancakes made from fresh shredded potatos. 2 Pamadorofka soup is a tomato soup made from a stock of meat and carrots and with cream. For lunch or dinner, it traditionally often includes a pasta with the soup. 3 Kotlety is a grilled or fried steak often served with potatos and cucumbers. 4 A Polish snack might be schnitzel with beer or vodka served for special occasions. Food is special as the way of understanding Polish culture.

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Modern Warsaw

Today Warsaw is a busy modern European city with vibrant life. Over 2 million people live and work there and countless thousands of visitors make it a tourist and business destination in Europe.


Language is from the many places that had history with Warsaw and Poland. 1 The language is not simple because of the different cultures influencing Poland but is primarily a Slavic language. 2 The language was banned in 10th century because of Mongolian rule but survived. 3 It is impacted by Roman Catholic (Latin) influence too. 4 Some believe the words came from the Russian language side but others disagree even if close. The language will change over time.

landmarks/historical sites

Landmarks/historical sights are reminders in Poland of how it was formed.1 There are

castles of the past kings of Poland and the people love to visit to understand their history and know how their kings lived. 2 There are memorial statutes of World War 2 including one about kids who fought and died for Warsaw during the uprising. 3 There are landmarks with reminders of the great Cossack and Russian war. 4 The great history of Poland and its landmarks in Warsaw reflect the glorious past of Poland.


What is the climate and weather like? 1 The summers are cool except for some warm sunny days but then often there are days with clouds and rain. 2 The fall and spring can be

cold but is fine if you don’t like the heat since it is less costly then others. 3 The winters are long and cold with lots of snow. 4 The lakes are beautiful for summer vacation and people and animals love it. The weather is nice so come and join Poles in enjoying this wonderful place.


Tourism/activities/entertainment is all what we need. 1 Chess is a great game of entertainment in Poland that has been done since the knight age. 2 Soccer is one of the favorite games that has been played for a long time in Poland and Warsaw recently hosted the Euro 2012 games. 3 Bike racing is super and Poles love biking. 4 Poles love sports and enjoy hiking.