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September 23, 2014

Last Call for Global Read Aloud! (3rd, 4th, 5th Grade)

Global Read Aloud begins Monday during intervention. If you haven't sent me the names of your students, please do so by Friday. (You rock and rule, 3rd Grade!) I'd like to offer any open spots to other students.

If you have borrowed an external DVD drive...

are you missing a DVD-R? An unlabeled one was returned in one of the drives. Let me know if it belongs to you.

The Mark Twain T-shirt you ordered is here!

It was so long ago some of you may have forgotten that you ordered one! If you did, I sent you an email offering to make a deal - you pay me $6.50 and I'll give you the shirt you ordered. That offer still stands so COME ON BY! I'll accept cash or a check made out to me.
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Tea Time with Tech - eBook Refresher - October 1 - 4:05 - ?? - Learning Commons

Have you downloaded the Destiny Quest and Brytewave apps on your mobile device? Having trouble getting signed in? Do you know how to access our eBooks and audiobooks from a computer? Would you like to learn more about the features that make it a great teaching tool in your Units of Study? Would you like to know where to go online to learn even more? Get all of this and more free just by showing up! :)

Bring your own laptop or mobile device. We'll have tablets and Chromebooks available for your use as well. We'll also have tea with snacks!
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