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Washington School Newsletter: November 2019

Important School Dates

November 1 - Picture Day

November 5 - Election Day - No School - Don't forget to vote!!!

November 11 - Veteran's Day - No School

November 13 - Family Fitness Night 5:00-6:30

November 22- Fall Reading Breakfast 8:30-9:30

November 27 - 11:30 Dismissal - Thanksgiving Recess

November 28, 29 - No School - Thanksgiving Recess

Festive Fridays

Nov. 8th- Favorite Outfit day. Wear your favorite outfit to school.

Nov. 22nd- Sports day. Show off your favorite team or sports gear.

Remember: No jeans are allowed. You must pay $1 to participate.

BoxTops for Education

We are kicking off our collection of BoxTops this month! Every BoxTop you collect or scan is worth $0.10 for our school!!!! There are now TWO ways for you to help our school........

1. You can submit BoxTops digitally! See the video:

2. You can cut, clip and submit as well!

All funds go toward purchasing classroom materials!

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Student of the Month for October

PreK Gilmore/Stango -

K Calabrese - Veeraj Mohabir

K Cooley - Rubeidy Lajara

K Homewood - Kimberly Bustos-Jimenez

1 DiBella -Laylani Guerra

1 Lanouette -Kaylee Santana

2 Langan - Jayden Nieves

2 Rua - Joshua Giron-Martinez

3 Alonzo - Khalany Vargas-Moreno

3 Byron - Arianna Permaul

4 Carpentieri - Matthew Pacheco

4 Demers - Kassianys Colon

5 Brito - Steven Pacheco

5 Colby - Matthew Hill

Classroom News



Kindergartners will be working on asking and answering questions to help us understand what has been read. We are also practicing our sight words daily. Look for these words below in books you read with your child.










Keep on counting! During the month of November, we will be comparing sets of numbers between 1-10. You can help at home by using words such as these below!

greater than

less than

same as

equal to

fewer than

more than

1st Grade

ELA: Student's have been identifying the main idea in the story along with key details. They have also been working on character, setting and events while learning about communities. See the video link.

Math:Students will work on solving equations with change unknown. see the image and video link for examples.

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2nd Grade

ELA: We will be finishing Unit 2 in Wonders by discussing animals in different habitats. Students will be able to explain the main idea and supporting details.

Math: Students are starting our next unit with telling time. They will learn the differences between digital and analog and how to tell time.

3rd Grade

ELA: We will be finishing up Wonders Unit 2 by discussing and reading about how people figure things out. This week also includes poetry words like alliteration and rhyme.

Math: Our next unit in Math begins with using our knowledge of multiplication to find the area of shapes!

4th Grade

ELA: Check out the photo gallery from our first publishing party in 4th grade! We shared our personal narrative!

MATH: We have been working so hard on our BIG multiplication problems. We are going to start learning factors and multiples. Students need their basic facts memorized, keep studying!

Happy Numbers class login codes:

Demers: 546 240

Carpentieri: 654 969

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5th Grade

ELA: Students are determining themes in short stories. See the attached picture for THEME. Take a look at the 5th Grade Inventions Photo Gallery below!

Math: We are just wrapping up our work with decimals. We are moving on to multiplying whole numbers times fractions! We will be using manipulatives to show the problem, we will draw pictures and eventually learn how to solve it using an algorithm (the way we learned it when were in school)!

Science: We are finishing up our unit on Matter. For the 2nd marking period, we will be working on looking at how matter and energy travel through an ecosystem.

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5th Grade Inventions

Specials Updates

MUSIC: Students in Music class are learning to use their singing voices and working together. through multi part singing. We are beginning to work on music for the holidays.

GYM: Students worked well together during football & parachute unit. We discussed fire safety and fire drills. We will be participating in team Handball and tag games. Please make sure students have sneakers and coats for gym.

ART: Art classes in grades four and five are using watercolors in seasonal pictures. Primary grades are using warm colors for fall-scapes that they will turn into collages, a different way of engineering paper.

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