Queen Elizabeth #2

By: Katelynn Amos

Birth And Family

Queen Elizabeth #2 was born on April 21st 1926. She was born the year of the General Strike. Elizabeth was born at the time 2:40 A.M. She was born in Mayfair London in a united kingdom. Then, in 1936 her fathers father died so Elizabeth's father, Albert, became King. He became George VIII because his fathers name was George, so he is King George the second. If you wanted to know Queen Elizabeth's full name is...... Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windson.
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This is a picture of Elizabeth's father.

His name is Albert.

Childhood And Education

Queen Elizabeth liked watching wrestling on television. She also likes crossword puzzles and mystery books. Elizabeth told her teacher that she would like to be a lady living in the counrty with lots of horses and dogs. Elizabeth was educated at home by her mother.

College And Career

Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne was celebrated in June 2012 with diamond jubilee. She was picked to be Queen at the age of 25 after her mother died. She surrounded her palace with dogs.

Accomplishments And Leadership

On April 2013, she received an honorary B.A.F.T.A. for her patron age of the film industry. Elizabeth was the head of the commonwealth and supreme governor the church of England. She became Queen in February 6th 1952. Her coronation was on June 2nd in 1953.

Why I Feel She Is A Leader

I think Elizabeth is a leader because she helps solve problems and helps lead people to do the right thing!!!
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