Blue team update

Announcments for the CMS blue team!

Science Class

The blue team students have been traveling to the different classes across the sixth grade. Each teacher has a different biome that the students will be learning about. They will be completing a biome book to look back on and study for our test.

Reading Class

The blue team just started reading Flush. Don't let the cover fool you because it is NOT about a fish. Flush is about how a man is dumping sewage from his boat into the ocean and the main character's father is now in jail for trying to help solve the matter. We look forward to reading on!


We just finished our Memoirs, poems (or short stories), and soon our prompts. We have been self evaluating in class to prepare for the upcoming parent teacher conferences. We will soon be starting a new long term piece.


The blue team is now starting our Algebra unit. New books were sent home and we have just started on exponents. We will soon be working with with variables and will be ready for it.

End of Marking Period 1 on Thusday November 7th!