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Monday's Field Day

8:45-10:10 AM (9:55 Otter Pops) Kindergarten, First Grade, and Reierson ISC

9:55-11:20 AM (11:05 Otter Pops) Second and Third Grade

1:30-3:00 PM (2:45 Otter Pops) Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, and Menegas ISC

Preventing Summer Slide

Something is waiting for many children every summer, and their parents don’t even know it’s out there. It’s called the “summer slide” and it describes what happens when young minds sit idle for three months. Children who do not read over the summer will lose up to three months of reading achievement. This translates to 2-3 reading levels that students will “slide” back. It takes until February of the following school year to reclaim those lost levels. Summer reading loss is cumulative. By the end of fifth grade children who lose reading skills over the summer will be three years behind their classmates.

As children’s first and most important teachers, families have a major role to play in motivating children to read during the summer months. There are many strategies families might employ to encourage summertime reading:

  • Combine activities with books.

Summer leaves lots of time for kids to enjoy fun activities, such as going to the park, seeing a movie, or going to the beach. Why not also encourage them to read a book about the activity? If you’re going to a baseball game, suggest that your child read a book about a favorite player beforehand. In the car or over a hot dog, you’ll have lots of time to talk about the book and the game.

  • Visit the library.

If your child doesn’t have a library card, summer is a great time to sign up for one. In addition to a wide selection of books to borrow, many libraries have fun, child-friendly summer reading programs.

  • Lead by example.

Read the newspaper at breakfast, pick up a magazine at the doctor’s office, and stuff a paperback in your beach bag. If kids see the adults around them reading often, they will understand that literature can be a fun and important part of their summer days.

  • Talk it up.

Talking with your kids about what you have read also lets them know that reading is an important part of your life. Tell them why you liked a book, what you learned from it, or how it helped you—soon they might start doing the same.

  • Help kids find time to read.

Summer camp, music lessons, baseball games, and videos are all fun things kids like to do during the summer. However, by the end of the day, children may be too tired to pick up a book. When planning summer activities with children, remember to leave some time in their schedules for reading. Some convenient times may be before bedtime or over breakfast.

  • Relax the rules for summer.

During the school year, children have busy schedules and often have required reading for classes. Summer is a time when children can read what, when, and how they please. Don’t set daily minute requirements or determine the number of pages they should read. Instead, make sure they pick up books for fun and help find ways for them to choose to read on their own. You may even want to make bedtime a little bit later if you find that your child can’t put down a book.

  • Have plenty of reading material around.

Storybooks aren’t the only thing that kids can read for fun. Be sure to have newspapers, magazines, and informational material on hand that might spark the interest of a young reader.

  • Use books to break the boredom.

Without the regular school regimen, adults and kids need more activities to fill the hours. Books that teach kids how to make or do something are a great way to get kids reading and keep them occupied. Don’t forget to take your kids’ favorite reading series along on long road trips.

  • Read aloud with kids.

Take your children to see a local storyteller or be one yourself. The summer months leave extra time for enthusiastic read-alouds with children, no matter what their age. Don’t forget to improvise different voices or wear a silly hat to make the story that much more interesting!

Author: Laura J. Colker, Ed.D.

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Student or Family Photo-Reading For Fun

Please mail us a photo of your child or family reading this summer or bring one in at the start of the year. We would like to display them and celebrate summer reading! Here is our address: 16400 SW Loon Drive.

The more you read the better reader you become!

Summer Office Hours

Our office will be open until June 19. After June 19, the office will be open every Wednesday throughout the summer from 8 AM to noon. The office will reopen full time beginning August 12.

School Supply Pack Sale

HOW TO ORDER (ONLINE ONLY): 1) Go to: www.educationalproducts.com/ShopPacks 2) Enter school ID: SCH224 3) Select child's grade level NEXT YEAR (please note some grade levels have split supply requests into two lists; select the one appropriate for your child) and ADD TO CART 4) Enter child's name for each item in cart 5) Enter billing and contact information 6) Enter payment information 7) Click on "Complete Order" 8) PRINT AND SAVE your confirmation screen detail.

If you know incoming kindergarten families, please let them know about this opportunity.

Dining for Dollars- Menchies

Enjoy Menchies and support Scholls Heights on June 11th, from 3-8 PM.

Mark Your Calendar

June 10 (New Date)- Field Day

June 11- 5th Grade Send-off Party

June 11- Menchies 3-8 PM

June 11- Dining for Dollars at Menchies 3-8 PM

June 14- Last Day of School

June 14- End of Year Assembly 8:45 AM

June 17- Grading Day and Report Cards Sent Home

September 3, is our first day of school for the 2019-2020 school year!

Walk and roll - it's the way to go!

We have enjoyed seeing all the students and families walking and rolling to school this past month! Congratulations to all the students who completed the May Walk + Roll to School Challenge.

We are also celebrating the completion of our first year with monthly Walking School Bus routes. Students enjoyed the chance to meet neighbors and walk to school with friends. We are looking for parents to help lead routes starting in September. If you are interested or want to know more please email Andrea Bonard at greenteam@shpto.org.

Student Test Results in ParentVUE

Message from Distict Office-

Please remind parents that state test scores are available in ParentVUE two weeks after both parts of the ELA or math test are completed. Science scores will not be available until next fall after passing scores are identified by the Oregon Department of Education. The Testing Information tab in ParentVUE has links to additional information about your child’s scores. If you need assistance activating a ParentVUE account, please contact your child’s school. Learn more about ParentVUE.

Please note: these scores are not currently available in the ParentVue phone app. Students whose parents/guardians do not have an active ParentVUE account will be mailed English Language Arts and Math test results over the summer, Students with at least one parent/guardian with ParentVUE access may request a printed report by contacting Kay Jenkins by email at kay_jenkins@beaverton.k12.or.us or by phone at 503.356.4594.

Important update for elementary schools: ODE’s combined test report generator is not working, so we are unable to send reports for you to send home with students whose parents do not have an active ParentVue account and who have completed ELA and math testing.

After School Activities List.

Here is the link to approved flyers for After School Activities.

Please check Lost and Found

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