Greek Civilization

700 B.C. to 212 B.C.

Greek Gods (Hades)

Hades was a big influence in out of all the gods and goddess! After his father Cronus got overthrown, he drew with them to share the universe. However he drew poorly which led to him becoming ruler of the underworld. Hades was always interested in expanding and increasing all of his subjects. The Greeks were always too scared to utter or say his name, because they thought it would cause some kind of reaction which would probably soon lead to death, because of who he is. Hades rarely left the underworld. His signature weapon was the trident, and with it he used it to cause earthquakes just like his brother Poseidon! The Cyclopes gave him the gift of the helmet of invisibility in which he used in the Clash of Titans!

Alexander's Empire

King Phillip the second ruled Macedonia.Macedonia wasn't a strong kingdom but with King Phillip, it was a super power in the ancient world.After defeating Greece,King Phillip hoped to lead Greeks and Macedonians to war with the Persian Empire but King Phillip was killed and his son took over.

Alexander was only 20 when he took over but his father,Phillip trained him well and he was a commander in the Macedonian army at age 16.Around 334 B.C, Alexander led 40,000 Macedonian and Greek soldiers into Asia Minor .He won that battle.About a year and a half later,Alexander fought a battle at Issus.He had won another battle.Then instead of following king Darius of the Persians,he defeated Egypt and created a city named Alexandria.Alexandria became one of the most important cities in the ancient world.After defeating the Persians,Alexander did not stop.He battled constantly.On the way back to their home,they crossed a desert.Heat killed thousands of his soldiers and the little water they found went to their king, Alexander.In 323 B.C., Alexander returned to Babylon,one of the cities now under his control.Then he suffered from his health from war all those years and died at only 32 years of age.Alexander was a great general that feared nothing.Alexander's courage came from Greek epics he read as a kid.Today,Alexander is called Alexander the Great.Alexander the Great success marked the beginning of the Hellenistic Era.This refers to the non-Greeks he had defeated.

Greek Mind