Life Without The Sun

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With out the sun for 1 day

Everything would be dark. The water cycle would stop, we would start to panick. Since the sun was the center of the universe the planets would start to go out of orbit

WIth out the sun for one week

the government will start to try to gain control of the country. We will start to drill into underground estuaries for water. People will be scavenging for food. The planets are now out of orbit and are just floating around.

With out the sun for one month

The control of the government is weakening, the world is starting to go into anarchy. nothing is growing now. The earth is cold, people are going crazy. Almost all of the Estuaries are dried up, almost all of the animals are killed for food.

With out the sun for one year

The world would be total anarchy. Our water and food sources would soon be depleted. our solar system would be out of line. All of the Estuaries are dried up. There is no more government. The world is freezing, Nothing grows.