Pinwheels for Promise

Make pinwheels to help Syrian refugees


Syria is in a Civil War and many people are fleeing the country. Syrian refugees are in need of help. GCDS can make a difference by making pinwheels for Students Rebuild.


Students Rebuild will donate TWO DOLLARS to education for Syrian refugee children for every pinwheel sent. Please come to make pinwheels February 16th, 17th, and 18th at sign ups in Mrs. Basinet's classroom.

You can also make and donate pinwheels on your own and place them in the box in the Middle School foyer. See below how to make a pinwheel.

How to make a pinwheel

About Us

Amal is an organization that raises awareness and helps Syrian refugees. We strive to give Syrian refugees a better life. To contact us go to the e-mail listed below and to find out more about Syrian refugees go to our website.
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