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How Long does it take to get a degree in teaching?

  • First you should find a subject that you enjoy.
  • It takes four years to get a Bachelor's Degree.
  • It takes 12 to 24 additional months to get a Master's Degree.
  • In some states you may still have to get certified.
  • So it could take 5 or 6 years.

How do I find a subject I enjoy?

  • First you think about a subject that you are best at.
  • Then you find a school that has that subject.
  • Next you find out the classes that they have.
  • Last you study the subject more so you can teach very well.

Samples of Teaching Subjects

How do I get a Bachelor's Degree?

  • The Bachelor's Degree consist of only 3 parts.
  • The first part is the general education.
  • The second part is the major.
  • The third part is the elective.

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How do I get a Master's Degree?

  • It usually takes a minimum of 30 credit hours and includes a semester of student teaching.

How do I become certified?

  • You have to take a test to become certified.