Working In Our Community

How A Business Works

Workers and Consumers

In a community :—People grow or make products. A product is a good.—Workers provide services. —Early settlers made everything by themselves. —Later- share work.

People Depend on Producers

Producer- someone who makes a product or provides a service. Oscar Weissenborn- made pencils (1889)An entrepreneur- person who starts and runs a business. Entrepreneurs provides goods and create jobs.

People Buy Things

Consumer- person who buy products/services. Producers always make new, better things. More products to choose from for consumers. Producers provide goods/services. Consumers by goods/services. Interdependence between consumers and producers.

People Start Businesses

 —Business provide servicesWorkers depend on their jobs. Jobs provide money. Money people earn= wage. Wage= income. In USA people can choose jobs.

How Business Works

 Business- more than a good idea. Business uses capital or money. Businesses use resources to make products. Some businesses start with raw material. Natural materials used to make a product. Ex: rock, metals, wood, water.

Resources Keep Business Running

 Natural resources- Materials from nature used for economic gain.Human resources- workers who produce goods or services.Capital resources- tools and buildings a business uses.

Working With Resources

Factory- building in which products are prepared and packaged.To manufacture- to use machines to make something. Ex: yogurt company.

Today we learned:

Interdependence exist between:costumers and producers. Types of resources: Natural resources, Human resources, Capital resources. A business provides: Services, Jobs, Money, Services.

Field trip

Wednesday, May 8th 2013 at 9am

3233 County Home Road

Marion, IA

On May 8th, we are going to a field trip, to a local farm. Children will see how a small business works and afterwords they will write a final paper about it.
Small Business Theme Song