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During the 1950s

Baby Boom!

From the late 1940s to the early 1960s, as soldiers started coming back to the home front, there was a huge skyrocket in birthrates. There was many reunions of husbands and wives after the war. In this time period, an American baby was born every seven second. Totaling in 4,308,000 babies that year.

Contributing with the baby boom, the marriage age had decreased and there was a desire to have larger families. In this, it gave Americans confidence in economic prosperity and advances in medicine.

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The "Perfect" Woman

In the 1950s, the role of a Home Maker became popular. The role was glorified by magazines and TV programs but some women were unhappy with that role. The book Feminine Mystique written by Betty Friedan described the problem of why women did not enjoy being a Home Maker. They felt isolated, bored, and unfulfilled with their lives.

Some women aimed to starting careers and jobs. Around the early 1960s, mothers of children ages 6 to 17 were holding paying jobs but it did not satisfy their happiness. The career opportunities were very limited to fields such as nursing, teaching, and office support. They were paid much less than any other professional businesses. Even though women attended 4 year colleges, they received small academic, financial, and psychological encouragement to pursue their goals.