Reading at Home in December

Ms. McLean's Vacation Reading Log

The Best Book to Read!

Are you wondering what the best book is for your child to read over vacation? Familiar reading is a great way to reinforce reading over vacation. When your child reads a book they have practiced before it helps build a solid foundation in reading. A familiar book has had all the tricky words figured out and your young reader can work on making their book sound interesting and flow like they are talking. Familiar books also help readers see the sight words that they are learning in reading and writing. Pick out some of your child's favorite books from long ago. Read to them in a fun and expressive way. Have them try a book they have known for a long time. Don't forget to read the books in your child's book bag!

Winter Reading Log Contest

Please check out your child's reading recovery blue book bag for the winter reading log on Friday, December 18th. You will find 15 familiar books your child has read over the last few months. If your child reads 10 books and colors a bear for each book they can win 1 prize from Ms. McLean on Monday, January 5, 2016. If your child reads 15 or more books and colors a bear for each book they can win 2 prizes!

I deeply appreciate you listening to your reader and having him put together the cut up story each night. Your child is really making progress, thanks to all your support. I hope you have a wonderful time being together over our December vacation. I can't wait to see your reader for their last month of reading recovery in January 2016!

Thank you ahead of time for finding time to listen to your reader over our December vacation. The best gift you can give your child is your time.

Happy Holidays! Laura McLean