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A totally new sales funnel approach called Simple Fast Cash provides a new and profitable approach to add sign-ups to a downline list and in turn creates a revenue stream for both them and yourself. As each member on the list progresses through the 4 step process, they not only build a recurring revenue stream, but also move directly into Step 5 which allows them to sign up With Empower Network / Big Idea Mastermind for just $5 per month.

If you have been considering joining Empower Network or if you are currently a part of Empower Network / Big Idea Mastermind, this is the most creative way of joining and becoming part of the amazing growth that this program is continuing to experience.
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Simple Fast Cash

Just $5 a month, that's all it will ever cost you, and that alone will provide a great mechanism to recruit sign-ups. Not only are you offering them the fantastic opportunity of Empower Network and the totally FREE Big Idea Mastermind marketing system, you are also giving them the a recurring income stream from Simple Fast Cash.

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