East Weekly News

Week of Oct 24th

Week Events

Tuesday, Oct 25th- Claire out 9:30-11:30, 3rd Grade TBT, Kindergarten TBT

Wednesday, Oct 26th- PAC

Thursday, Oct 27th- 4,5,6, ELA TBT

Friday, Oct 29th- Where's Waldo staff dress up, 1st Grade TBT, Prime Time Reading

Wednesday, Nov 2nd- Staff Meeting, Whole School MM, 2nd grade TBT

Friday, Nov 4th- 4,5,6, Math TBT, Student Council Elections

Formal Observations

All teachers are on a OTES evaluation this year and I sent out an email on Friday with more details. Please let me know my Monday when you like me to observe your first formal observation.

Senior Make a Difference Day

Last call for Senior Make a Difference Day on Friday, November 18th.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our conferences have been scheduled for Nov 1st and Nov 10th. If you like me to be at any of your conferences please let me know. Also, please submit your conference schedule to Linda when you have it available.

Responsive Classroom Teachers Conference

At the Responsive Classroom Teachers Conference last week the keynote speaker was Jessica Minahan, who wrote The Behavior Code.


During Jessica's speech, she mentioned the top list of behavioral apps


Flexible Seating

Many people are interested in learning more about Flexible seating and it will be the topic of our next Staff Meeting in Nov. Please read at least one of these articles, or watch one of these videos before the staff meeting.








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Where's Waldo

Staff costume will be Where's Waldo!
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Story Book Pumpkin Flyer

Story Book Pumpkin Flyer will be in your mailbox on Monday, please send it home Monday or Tuesday. Any student can enter a Story Book Pumpkin, and so can a teacher, or even a class. Pumpkins are due Monday Oct 24th, and will be displayed on tables, similar to the book fair so every can see them. The pumpkins will be taken down on Friday Oct 28th.

Grades K,1,2,3 will have orange flyers that are double sided. 4,5,6, will have white flyers that are two pages. (I made a mistake when coping, it was not intentional to have the different flyers)

Committee Members

Environmental Friends: Kari, Emily, Theresa, Colleen

Tech Committee: Scott, Maria, Adam, and Leisa

Social Committee: Maryjo, Kari, Steph, Leisa, Claire

School Events: Jenn, Shannon, Steph, Maura, Megan, Maryjo


Outside: Susan H., Laurie, Kyle, Adam, Maryjo

Inside: Maryjo, Mandi, Breanna, Renee

Health & Wellness: Mindy, Ashley, Cheryl, Colleen, Theresa, Cynthia, Claudia

Please have someone on the committee email me your committees goal, some ideas you have, when you will meet, and how will you communicate to staff what you are doing? I will share that all on Google Drive to the staff. If there is someone not on a committee that wants to join, please let me know.

I-AT Dates for 2016-2017

The I-AT dates are below, please make sure you submit referrals to me at least 1 week before the I-AT date so I can prepare a schedule, and if needed provide a sub.

Nov 18th

Dec 9th

Jan 13th

Feb 17th

March 24th

April 21st


RIMPS are for students in grade K,1,2,3 and are for students that are in red for Dibels. RIMPS were sent from Tom Parsons, they are due Oct 31st.