Winter Newsletter

Daisy Troop 493

Posters Due at this weeks meeting (also if you didn't turn in your pet care sheet last week please turn those in, as well)

Busy Times Ahead

It's hard to believe but we are starting the second half of our year and before you know our little Daisies will be Brownies. I have a bunch of dates for activities over the next couple months since the Community just planned out their end of the year. Please read over this newsletter carefully since has a lot of dates and information. Don't panic, I know it will sound like a lot but it really is more spread out than it seems. Here is the updated calendar as well (click here)

Looking for someone to make a bridge for us!

At the end of the year the girls will "bridge" to Brownies. Girl Scouts uses the term "bridging" when ever the girls move up a level and we have a Bridging Ceremony. I may have been Pinteresting some ideas for this ceremony:) and there are some ways we can do it without actually having a bridge... but if we have anyone in the troop who is good with wood and paint we could make one that we could keep for each time the girls bridge. Some bridges I've seen have been simply a wooden pallet that is painted and decorated up to some pretty ornate ones. The troop does have some funds available to pay for materials and it would have to be easily stored(kinda like the pallet idea) but otherwise I'm pretty open. If you are interested in taking on this project, please let me know!

Girl Scout Day Camp

Monday, June 20th, 8:45pm to Friday, June 24th, 3:30pm

30 Martz Road

Sykesville, MD


REGISTRATION is Feb. 29th- March 4th ( no exceptions a post mark is your proof)

Transportation is available

Parent Volunteers needed: 3 days %50 refunded, 5 days %100 refunded, tags and boys camp available for volunteer's kids.

Tagalong definitions (clarified at request of community)

A tagalong is anybody who is under the age of 5, and boys over the age of five. (typically any child not a girl scout)

Most of our community events are for registered scouts only and no tagalongs are allowed. Some of our Spring events are now going to be Bring a Friend events. Bring a Friend means the girl scout can bring a friend that is a girl of girl scouting age (5-17). Ideally, these girls would be interested in learning more about scouting. These events would still need to have the friend sign a permission slip as well as pay for the event. These events are still NO Tagalongs.

Reasons for no tagalongs = liability insurance but mainly tagalongs change the environment of the event for the girls. They recognize that many cub scout pack activities are more family oriented, that is just not the focus of these particular events.

Spending our Cookie Money

this week we will celebrate meeting our goal with our cookie sales. I will ask the girls to vote on how they would like to spend it. The options I was going to give them (although they will also have time to come up with options on their own) are:

Dutch Wonderland - cover the cost of the girl
Port Discovery Sleepover - cover cost of the girl
Around Westminster (paint night, teaparty, and movie night - 3 different events but = cost of the other two)

Corsages for the Me and My Guy Dance

The Cutting Garden in Westminster will be offering a discount on flowers for dance goers. Email or call by Jan 31st, to place your order or 410-751-9015

Corsages -$18 ( on a comfort pearl bracelet for a better fit(mini carnations)
Boutonnieres- $8 rose and baby breath
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Scout Sunday

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 11am

First United Presbyterian Church in Westminster

Scout Sunday is a religious service in which various churches recognize the scouts that are party of their congregation and scouts in general. Both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are encouraged to attend. I will send out more information on this event as I come across it. Many churches celebrate this day with services honoring scouts so feel free to check with your own church, as well.

Looking Ahead

Due to a lot of these upcoming events, we really don't have many troop meetings left. And we have been very busy earning our patches but still have a bit to accomplish.
I would like to:
  • finish the 3 cheers to Animals journey
  • complete the gardent journey
  • complete the first aid pin
  • complete the thinking day activities
  • complete Bridging Activities

There is also a religious emblem that the girls can earn each year. More information can be found here. We will not do this one as a troop. Please let me know if you are planning to help your daughter earn this pin.

I'm going to put together an organizer to see how we can best get this all accomplished in our limited time we have left and will keep you posted :)!