By: Scheccid Alayola

History of Reggaetón

Reggaetón comes from Puerto Rico. It originated from Jamaican music and then spread around the world in 1960-1970's. Reggae quickly spread from there and Panama was the first country to introduce Reggae in Spanish. From there it spread to popular locations in Central America and then from there it went to Puerto Rico.

Example of Reggaetón


La Vida Es Un Carnaval - Celia Cruz by dchristianh

Type of Music

Reggaetón got its name from "Spanish Reggae". It's a type of underground music. It encompasses many explicit themes that talk about daily life. These themes also discuss problems of inner city life.
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Characteristics of the Music

Reggaetón music contains very rhythmic melodies. It also contains many melodies that are played on drums and some percussion patterns are created electronically using a drum machine. The music has recently spread around the world and is played a lot at parties.
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Connection to Dance

Reggaetón is not connect to specific dances but is played mainly at social events and parties. This is the type of music that people listen to when they are having a good time since it has a lively rhythm and upbeats.

The Music Today

Reggaetón has spread around to parts of the world and is predicted to spread around to even further parts of the world. This music is associated with mainly being apart of Puerto Rican culture and has continued to grow there.