Josh Nero

The Great Depression


The Great Depression was a period of time ifrom 1929-1939 where unemployment rate was at the highest. The Great Depression occured because the stock market crashed in october. When the stock market crashed, most of the people lost their savings and became poor. The Depression ended when World War II started.

Key Person

A Key person in the Great Depression was President Rosevelt. Rosevelt was the president during the Great Depression. Rosevelt was very important because he helped the people.Rosevelt made programs to help the people get jobs and make money. Some of these programs helped with bills like welfare, witch is here today.


  • Stock market crashed- In october, the sotck marked crashed causing the Great Depression
  • The dust bowl- An area in the middle of the country where dust devils and droughts occured.
  • World War II- A war from 1939-1945 that ended the Great Depression.

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