It is an app that you have goals to get like to get and you can learn your typing skills and you can get a good grade if you have the right stuff done like to get a 3 you intermediate and their is a leaderboard to see your score and u can see your place wear you are and that is what like about typing.

haiku deck

That is wear we told the class are dream job and what we wanted to be when we got older

we could add pictures and backgrounds my dream job was video game maker and i was the last one to do mine.And we had to search for what the price was and how many years we had to do for the job.


itrailer is wear we had to make a video and present are video and we had to make the trailer so that we could present it to the hole class and we had scores on how we did on are project so that we could get a good score so that we could pass the project.

explain everything

we had to fix a problem that mr.s myers made us do then we did a problem and then we turn it in to mr.s myers and she check are email and we got are score to see are grade on the problem and she check the hole class and so then we had to send it her for her to grade it

career locker

It is you had to present to the hole class and we had to pick a job we wanted to do so we got to choose the back ground and different fonts so when we wear done we had to turn it in to mr.s myers so she could check it and we had to have 3 bullets to do are project and we could of did it on are i pads.


It is wear we can play different games and it is we are playing the games to do the games we have to solve the problem like move for word 1 so when we did all of the objets we completed the subject and then we moved to the next game and then they got harder and harder.