The American System

by: Gina Sanders


The purpose of The American System was to unify and strengthen the nation, which was advanced by the Whig Party and politicians like Henry Clay, John Quincy Adams, and John C. Calhoun

Key Components

The Key Components of This System:

  1. maintenance of high public land prices to generate revenue
  2. preserve the national bank to stabilize the currency
  3. federal subsidies: roads, canal, another improvements to develop profitable markets for agriculture
  4. tariff

Henry Clay (1777-1852)

Who was he?

Henry Clay, who was involved in the American System was a section of state under John Quincy Adams. This man was the speaker of the House of Representatives, a leader of the Whig Party, a senator of Kentucky, and a war hawk.

Henry Clay was also known as the "great compromiser" because he played an important role in formulating the three landmark sectional compromises of his day.

Why was The American System necessary?

As previously stated, it was to strengthen and unify America.

What's the Difference between Nationalism and Sectionalism?


Nationalism is the love and having pride in one's country whereas sectionalism is putting the section of one's country above the nation( the loyalty of a specific region or country).


Sectionalism was what the southerners in the United States did with the tariff issue during the year of 1828.

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Henry Clay and the American System