Crispin wanted poster

Made by:Allie Loveless

Crispin horrible crimes

Crispin the horrid young lad has broken in to the manor an stolen money from John Aycliffe and his wife.This young lad shall be brought to the manor dead or alive.Any one may approach this young lad.He is thirteen years old wearing a full set of clothing and has leather shoes.No one has noticed him but you will know who he is when you see him he is horrid and hard to look at.This young lad shall be found eminently.

Reward you shall receive

For whom ever finds thins boy will receive 20 Schelling's. Note this young lad is a wolfs head and will be punished so find him immediately.As you recite your 20 schilling's you will have to give the boy with prof of its you so whom found him and brought him to the manor.

where you shall turn in the young lad

You shall turn in this young boy at the manor to receive your reward.