5 Themes Of Geography

By: Kyle Whaling


This picture is absolute location because it shows exactly where Austin is located on a map of Texas, at 25 degrees North and 10 degrees South. On the other hand, relative location would be saying that Austin is near San Antonio, or near Houston.


This picture shows some of the physical features of Austin. Some of which include, trees and lakes. If you go anywhere in Austin, you are bound to find a hilly terrain with lots of trees.


The picture on the top of Austin shows that it is mainly hilly, with lots of trees. Whereas if you go to El Paso, which is the picture on the bottom, you will find mountain ranges, with less vegetation. The regions of Austin and El Paso are very different, but they still have some similarities. In El Paso, you will still find a good amount of hills, like in Austin.


This picture is of the Austin City limits music festival, or ACL. This music festival is an example of movement because people have thought of the idea for Austin to hold such a renowned music festival to keep tourists coming in to Austin to explore the different, and diverse culture.

Human Environment Interation

The people in Austin have learned to deal with the hot and humid environment by installing air conditoners in their homes, as well as in outdoor restaurants they have installed fans to keep you cool in the summertime when the temperatures exceed 100 degrees.