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Library Update

Newsletter Change

I have updated the format that our newsletter will come in now. This is more fun, plus it offers great options for formatting and switching things up. :-)

Changes to Library

Now that Kristi is gone.

There will be some changes to the library and how it works. Please make sure that you read this email so that you know how this effects you and your students.

Remember that Kristi did quite a bit in the library. She checked in most of the books in the morning that you turn in, she helped check out while your classes were in the library and if you sent students down. She created library cards, completed ILL's, which are loans to and from other libraries, and many many more miscellaneous items. Our size library qualifies to have two full time employees with the number of students we service. Kristi and I were a well oiled machine running off of 1.5 employees. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous or overwhelmed by loosing her and her valuable support. To function properly with all of the many things that must be done behind the scenes, many librarians only see all of their students every other week. I don't want to do that. I want you and our kiddos in the library with me, learning, reading, and having fun. To do that I will need your support! Please notice that these changes are effective immediately.

  • I will have the library cart outside of your door the day before by 3:00 (Hopefully). This should help in two ways. 1. The students will see it and hopefully remember that the next day is library day. 2. Less chance of something happening the morning of and me not getting the cart to you on time.
  • Send down the cart with the kids immediately. Before 8:10 would be helpful. My first class is at 8:30. That only leaves me 20 minutes to check in books, which isn't enough time on days that I have 9 classes.
  • If you send down your cart late or wait until you bring down your class, chances are you will be checking in your own books. I will be teaching your kiddos and haven't mastered the skill of being in two places at once (I know I am slacking on this). Send them down first thing in the morning and you should be good.
  • It takes two people to help find books and check the students out in the circulation system. This means that you will need to be in the library to help do one of these things each week. I will let you choose!

How can you help you ask?

Great question!

Aside from the above, I am most concerned about getting books checked in and out. So if you come in and see I haven't been able to get to all of the carts, please help check them in. This is very easy!! I can show you. :-)

Even helping to get books put on carts is helpful. It is amazing what a difference not having books stacked all over the counter can make.

Calendar Dates

15 Minute Checkout - ALL Classes Enrichment Cluster Week

Monday, Jan. 11th, 7am to Thursday, Jan. 14th, 3pm

This is an online event.

All teachers with 8:30 and 9:00 classes will need to come see me to reschedule your library time. You will miss your regular time due to enrichment clusters.

Library Closed for Science Fair

Friday, Jan. 15th, 7am

This is an online event.

Friday classes, come see me about scheduling a 15 minute checkout. The library will be closed this day for the science fair.

Away at a Library Meeting

Monday, Jan. 25th, 12pm

This is an online event.

I will leave the building at 12:15 for a library meeting. Normal classes in the morning and no classes that afternoon.

Quick Summary


  • Come on time
  • Send down cart of books early
  • Stay with class
  • Help checkout or find books for kids.
  • Reschedule your library time for next week if your library time falls during enrichment clusters or on Friday of next week.
  • Keep sending good vibes my way. :-)

I appreciate your help with all of these matters and being flexible with our changes. Hopefully there will not be any other changes but we shall see what happens along the way.

Thanks for all you do!