FALL 2020


Welcome Caroline Students, Families and Staff to the 20-21 school year! 😷

Can you believe we have completed the first month of school? This is definitely a different kind of school year. We started out with primarily virtual learning and we have already transitioned several children into the school buildings. During some of my visits to the schools, I have been able to observe face to face instruction and virtual instruction through Zoom. We have amazing staff that have been able to deliver the appropriate specially designed instruction along with classroom support needed to ensure our students educational needs are being addressed. Our instructional assistants received a chromebook along with professional development on how to use Zoom, providing support in the virtual environment and supporting reading interventions. Also, through the use of Google Voice, our special education staff is able to consistently communicate with families. Our "New Normal" may be different, but our vision does not change. We will always empower our students with diverse learning needs to develop their maximum potential in their school and community. We are looking forward to a successful school year! Virtual, hybrid or face to face, Caroline County Public Schools will continue to promote an educational environment that engages our students in meaningful opportunities for communication and collaboration amongst all students. WE are in this together. 💖

If you have any questions please call me at 410-479-1460 or contact me by email: anthony.elizabeth@ccpsstaff.org



Elizabeth (Twigg) Anthony Director of Special Programs

Valerie Ebling Coordinator of Special Education (Compliance)

Carissa Hollinger Coordinator of Special Education (Instruction)

Angela Gebert Coordinator of Instruction for Birth to Five Special Education and Early Childhood

Elizabeth Saylor Early Childhood Teacher Specialist

Barbara Wood Special Education Teacher Specialist (Secondary Compliance)

Susan Angeloni Special Education Teacher Specialist (Elementary Compliance)

Bradley Oberdorf Special Education Teacher Specialist (Secondary Instruction)

Mary Curry Special Education Teacher Specialist (Elementary Instruction)

Adam Hollis Special Education Transition Specialist

Ann Fink Special Education Transition Specialist

Christal Harkowa Supervisor of Instruction English Learners, Gifted and Talented, and 504

Pat Lesnoff English Learners Teacher Specialist

Lisa Carroll Data Manager

Terri Miller Administrative Assistant

Luisa Carlisle Family Support Resource Coordinator


Special Education Recovery Efforts: IEP Team Meetings continue to be conducted virtually for the continued safety of students, families, and school staff.

Starting in October, Special Education teachers will conduct IEP reviews with parents/guardians for each student who receives special education services (i.e, either with an IEP team meeting or by telephone). Look forward to hearing from your child's special education teacher!

Summer Assessments: Evaluations for determining or redetermining eligibility for special education services continues to move forward. Assessors are working diligently to complete testing and hold IEP Team meetings. Safety protocols aligned with CDC guidelines are being followed. Thank you to everyone, especially families, as we move forward with the recovery efforts!

FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES - Special Education Citizen’s Advisory Committee

A Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee (SECAC) is a committee established by the local school system to seek meaningful input from parents, community partners, service providers, educators, and administrators on local issues relative to the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) and the achievement of students with disabilities. To work most effectively a SECAC operates as a partnership between parents and families, community leaders and organizations, educators, and administrators at the local level. A local SECAC enables a local director of special education to collaborate with others on local issues and it has the potential to facilitate positive changes in the delivery of special education services and the achievement of students with disabilities. [COMAR 13A.05.02.13I]


2020-2021 Calendar of Events


(All events subject to change depending on the Covid 19 Pandemic)

October 14, 2020

Wednesday at 6pm

Board of Education & Online via Zoom

Adam Hollis & Ann Fink

Transition Specialists

Caroline County Public Schools

Connecting the Dots: Getting Help from Local Agencies to Support your Child with Disabilities at Home

November 11, 2020

Wednesday at 6pm

Board of Education & Online via Zoom

Angela Chambers

Executive Director of Education

Youth In Transition School

Parenting a child with Disabilities and the Issues that Arise

December 9, 2020

Wednesday at 6pm

Culinary Center

Sensory-Sensitive Holiday Celebration🎅

January 21, 2021

Thursday from 6pm to 8pm

Easton Chesapeake Bowling

Family Bowling Night 🎳

February 17, 2021

Wednesday at 6pm

Board of Education

Bonnie Larrimore

Parent Educator

Parents Place

Helping your Child Get What They Need: From the IEP Process to Accessing Online Resources

March 10, 2021

Wednesday at 6pm

North Caroline High School

Rock-Able with Jesse Magee and his Band!
Experience a powerful evening on disability awareness and diversity, as Jesse Magee who is legally blind and has cerebral palsy on his right side, performs live with his band. You will leave inspired!

April 15, 2021

Thursday at 6pm

North Caroline High School

Community Resource Fair & 4th Annual Staff Appreciation Night🎉

April 28, 2021

Wednesday at 6pm

Board of Education

Dr. Duane Isava, Ph.D., NCSP

Executive Director and Registered Psychology Associate /Halcyon Wellness Center

Promoting Social Skills and Pragmatic Language in Children

May 12, 2021

Wednesday from 10am - 1pm

Tuckahoe State Park

Discovery Day

Expo featuring community agencies and organizations to support our families

Please RSVP to Luisa Carlisle, Family Support Resource Coordinator

410-479-3609 or carlisle.luisa@ccpsstaff.org if you plan on attending any of the events listed above.


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The Caroline County Infants and Toddlers Program is excited to have the opportunity for the team to work with Mary Hendricks from Johns Hopkins University - Center for Education and Technology this year. Mrs. Hendricks is an international Routines-Based Interview (RBI) trainer, who will support the Caroline County Infants and Toddlers team as they learn more about the concepts of how to conduct a Routines Based Interview with parents participating in the program. The goal of this type of parent interview is to learn from parents what part(s) of their home routine can be challenging and how to create a plan to best support families. The team looks forward to learning and developing skills around RBI and learning from parents if this strategy effectively supports our youngest children in Caroline County.

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Gifted and Talented

The purpose of Caroline County Public Schools’ (CCPS) Gifted and Talented (GT) Program is to identify students in all Caroline County Schools who represent all cultural, ethnic, and economic groups. It is our responsibility to develop and implement the gifted and talented education and services needed to develop our student's full potential. I look forward to a continued collaboration with teachers, counselors and administration to implement programs to meet the needs of our gifted and talented learners.

English Learners

Caroline County Public Schools continues to ensure that English learners (ELs), including immigrant children and youth, attain English language proficiency and meet the same standards that all children are expected to meet. As of August 2020, our students and their families speak the following languages:

*Spanish *Vietnamese *Punjabi *Creole *Chinese

*Mandarin Chinese *Arabic *Urdu *Tagalog *Turkish

*Gujarati *Yoruba *MAM *Bengali *Ilocano

*Japanese *Korean *Q’anjob’al

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher. If communication is a concern, please let the teacher know so an interpreter can be provided. We are very excited about our growing population of English learners and want to do our best to communicate with our families.


With the start of a new school year, please remember to make the school aware of any changes that can have an impact on your child’s 504 Plan. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s school should you have any questions or concerns about their 504 Plan. You do not have to wait until the date of your annual review to ask questions or check in on your child’s progress.

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