Crowdsourced ASTE 2022

Hotel Captain Cook Anchorage, Alaska

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Theme Announcement for In-Person Conference Hotel Captain Cook Feb 19-22, 2022

The ASTE Board for 2021-2022, under the direction of President, Bill Burr, has selected Crowdsourced ASTE 2022 as this year’s conference theme! The last year has taught us that it takes a great deal of people to educate. Community, parent, and student connections are always in our strategic plans. Crowdsourcing education is a new wave of looking at schools. We want our students to feel like they are part of an essential part of the product. During the pandemic, people wanted to be part of the educational team! Let’s keep that going and continue the good work! Welcome to Crowdsourced ASTE 2022!

Funding ASTE

Super Early Bird Special- Pre-purchase registrations for ASTE 2022 before June 30, 2021 with end of year funds! Email if interested!

  • Title II-A: Strengthen teachers, principals, and other school leaders with high-quality instruction in technology. Send them to your local option for quality technology PD at ASTE.
  • Title IV-A: Alaska students deserve a well-rounded education and support in the effective use of technology. Join us at ASTE 2022 as we Crowdsource the best of Alaska and beyond.
  • COVID Relief: Consider using COVID relief funds to support technological capacity and access by improving instructional expertise.

Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE)

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