We DARE you to front Load your MAY!

4-6 by the 15th of May Booking Challenge

CHALLENGE: Book 4-6 by the 15th!

Get out there and front-load your MAY (that means have most of your trunk shows for the month in the first 15th days of the month!

WHY? Well, it's always smart to hit your sales goals the first part of the month vs. scrambling around at the end! Plus having shows early in the month gives you plenty of time to book MORE shows for the month from the guests you meet at those first shows!

Lead by Example

You're going for a Promotion so how are you going to do it?
With strong personal Sales and Bookings!
Your goal HAS to be to hit half of the GCV yourself and why not hit it in the first half of the month by having 4-6 trunk shows by the 15th! That way if there needs to be additional sales for your GCV, you can book more shows to make that happen!

Hint! Hint!

There also seems to be strong hinting from HO that something fantastic is going to be announced and we're all going to want a heavy first half of May!