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NFV Schools Monthly Newsletter for November

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This is New!

Trying to get a little more colorful and make the newsletter better with graphics and photos. Every 5 years we are required to do a Community Needs Assessment, and now is the time for NFV. Click this link or copy it to you browser to take this short survey. It is estimated to take less than 10 minutes for most people. We need the feedback so that we can do better, please help us out and complete this survey prior to November 8. Thank You!

NFV 5-yr Community Needs Assessment:

Last month, I shared my District Financial report with the school board and SIAC committee via this platform. The link to that report is:

NFV Financial Report FY18


Activities Calendar and Menus

If you want to present some feedback, there is a survey at the bottom of the Financial report to do just that.

As we edge into November there are a few items of interest to be discussed this winter. First of those is the formation of the new NFV Facilities Committee. In the past 5 years, NF and Valley had their own facilities committees touring buildings, reviewing plans, and setting priorities for our buildings and grounds. Many of the current improvements have come through those groups. There are several potential projects on the waiting list for which we will need public input. I'd like to put together a combined Facilities Committee from volunteers of all communities. We will set up meetings in all of our buildings to look at each one's condition. We will also study finances of our PPEL and SAVE funds, discuss needs of each building's needs and brainstorm ideas for future projects. Anyone who is interested please send me an email at or contact Susan Winter in my office, and we will begin to develop a schedule for some of these meetings.

October events

Homecoming 2018

We had a great parade and homecoming pep rally on the square again this year. Great job by the leadership of the student council and everyone who participated. Did you know that a couple hundred high school students spend Thursday on Community Service projects? While some build floats, others put in some critical hours for some of our patrons and non-profits. It is great to give back to the community who supports us so much. A big thank you to #NFVCommunities. If you missed it this year, you'll have to put it on your calendar, Thursday night of Homecoming Week.

Certified Enrollment

Another big event this month for the office staff is to complete Certified Enrollment by October 15. Certified Enrollment determines the first step in the budgeting process for the district. Next year's budget authority depends on this number. Last year NF and Valley Certified 1134 students. For the new NFV district, we will be certifying 1123 students. Interestingly, the number of students served by NFV this year is 1046, 30 students less than last year. The number certified represents resident students, even if they open enroll out, while the number served represents only those in our buildings on October 1.
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Growth Mindset Speaker

I wrote in the last newsletter a bit about our speaker for MS and HS students last month, Trevor Ragan and Train Ugly. He calls it Jungle Tigering, but whatever you call it, its an important concept for students to learn. Think about the difference in the lives of a Zoo Tiger and a Tiger in the Jungle. The one in a zoo has a pretty subdued, easy life, they bring food to him and there's no competition, just life in a cage. Put him in a jungle and could he survive? Probably not, he hasn't learned to struggle like a Jungle Tiger has for his whole life.

This is an analogy to our students' lives. Those that do not challenge themselves, never compete for a position or strive for that "A" paper because its hard work. They become Zoo Tigers because they don't believe they can do any better. Students who put themselves out there, competing, setting high goals and working hard to achieve them is called Jungle Tigering. Their mindset is towards Growth, they know they can grow and get smarter, faster, stronger. The Zoo Tigers walk around with a Fixed Mindset, can't get better, don't want to try, not going to work at anything, because they don't believe they can.

Students need to struggle, thats how they learn. We don't want to send Zoo TigerHawks out into the world, we want them to be ENGAGED in their work and communities. Working with and for others with a variety of skills both for work and for life, WELL ROUNDED. Jungle TigerHawks will be IMPACTING THE FUTURE.

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Map of income surtax rates

Good News NFV patrons, Income surtax rates for ISL levy 2019 will be reduced to 5% from historical rate of 8% and saves you $.72 on property tax rates. Those property tax rates for FY18 were $13.52 at Valley and $13.44 at North Fayette, FY19 rates will be $11.64. Two items that dropped the rate significantly are the incentives for reorganization, and our ability to allow the Voted PPEL levies to expire. Some day in the future we may need to renew that Voted PPEL for large projects, especially if the SAVE fund ($.01 Sales Tax) is not extended beyond its 2029 expiration.

Congrats TigerHawk athletes

It's November, that means the end of fall sports. Cross Country had a great season and sent 4 athletes off to state. Top scorer for the TigerHawks was Chandler Douglas who placed 9th in the meet. Great Job Chandler! Another successful team was the Special Olympic Bowlers. Not Pictured are the great musicians who are qualifying for state contest, Keely for Opus, Ava for all-state Choir, and Zander as an alternate for all-state band.

There were many other accomplishments in all of our programs. The growth and improvement of everyone on the football and volleyball teams cannot be ignored as we truly recognize and honor the students out there Jungle TigerHawking. That's what we are here for, to get better every day.

Proud to be NFV!

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