All About Subcutaneous!

Jaswitha Basu - Bones - Forensic Anthropologist

What type of cells are present in the Subcutaneous layer? What are the different layers within?

The layer consists of a network of collagen and fat cells (adipose tissue). It also holds large blood vessels, bases of hair follicles and nerves bundles. The subcutaneous layer has layers of fat cells and many sweat glands to help the body regulate its temperature.

So why is it so important?

It regulates the body's temperature (hence the fat layer) and protects your insides, such as your vital organs. and bones. As we get older, the subcutaneous layer (hypo-dermis) thins out, so we are more at risk for falls, therefore, injuring our bones and organs easily.

Hmm...what is the damage that might be present within the subcutaneous layer?

Cellulitis is an infection that can start as tender, swollen, and red. This infection can occur in the skin's deep layers (dermis and subcutaneous tissue). As the infection starts to grow, the person will get a fever, and swollen lymph nodes (or glands that are near the infected skin area).

The END!