Planning for the future

By: Natalie Montandon

My job

Occupation: Nurse Practitioner

  • Annual Income: 102,070

  • Degree needs: Master’s degree

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College attending: Texas A&M University

  • Tuition per semester: 22,470

  • Total tuition to obtain degree: 89,880

  • School loan terms: total-89,880 interest rate- 4.6 % years-10

  • Additional interest for 2 year deferment:1871.68

  • School loan payment after deferment: 935.84

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My home

Address: 4208 Bowser Ave Apt 1

  • Loan terms: 4 years, total-216,900 intrest-3.79

  • Monthly payment: 1,009.43

  • Total interest over the life of the loan: 216,900

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My car

Vehicle: honda

  • Terms of the loan: 10 years total-29,610 intrest-3%

  • Monthly payment:410

Total interest over the life of the loan: $2,808
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What was your biggest learning experience throughout this project? Why?

That you don’t just buy things you want you have a budget and things to pay off

What adjustments did you have to make throughout the project to stay within budget and why?

Give things up that I would won’t but couldn’t afford, because I wouldn't stay on budget

How does this compare your initial ideas of beginning adulthood?

I thought that stay on budget was easy and not a lot of work but this showed me it was a lot of math and hard work to stay within budget