Hawk Talk

Volume 2, Issue 20 Week of February 8-12

Important this Week!

  • ILT Meetings 3:20
  • Board Meeting tonight: FLL Teams 1,2 & 4 Recognition
  • Prior Out
  • Happy Birthday, Kim Vernon!
  • STEAM Middle School Dedication 5-7 pm
  • Pena out through Friday-Conference
  • Area Spelling Bee
  • Hajek Leadership meets at 3:20
  • Fort Worth Opera comes to Hajek! 9-9:45-K, 2, & 4/10-10:45-1, 3, &5
  • Happy Birthday, Pamela Zapata!
  • Valentine Party in a Bag--teachers and students only
  • 1st Grade Team Time
  • Author visit-Susan Stevens Crummel
8:15-9:00 K-1
9:15-10:15 2-3
10:30-11:30 4-5
  • Early Dismissal 11:45
  • 12:00 Luncheon with Mrs. Crummel Sign up for side dishes in the lounge. Make plans to attend.
  • 1:00 PLC:

Let's Talk Homework--ACTION REQUIRED

Homework should be meaningful, purposeful, and not a beating. It has been brought to my attention that some are using Countdown to STAAR and Daily Graph as homework. This is not the intent. Countdown to STAAR and Daily Graph are to be used as instructional pieces to address the rigor of the state assessment. Money was spent for enrichment materials, not for homework packets.

So, to clear up any confusion, Countdown to STAAR and Daily Graph are to be used for instruction, guided practice, and assessment for learning. These resources are not to be sent home.

See me if you have any questions.


Thank you for making counselor week so amazing for Sarah! She loved it!

Thank you for allowing students to be tardy a few minutes to class as we were finalizing some robotics for competition this past Saturday.

Thank you for making the 100th and 101st days of school so awesome!