MCA Human Anatomy Class

Dr. Peterson

Dear Parents:

I am very excited to have your son/daughter in my class! Since this will be a rigorous high school course, containing a wide range of medical terminology and concepts regarding the structure and function of the human body, I wanted to provide an overview of the class. I want to partner with you to ensure the success of your son/daughter. Please feel free to contact me at any time. My email address is:

e-Learning Content

Since we consider MCA to be a college preparatory school, we are preparing your son/daughter for the skills needed for the twenty-first century, which include access to tools and resources 24/7 on any device; relevant and applied content; and culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration. We will be using SoftChalk Cloud to house all course content. Feel free to browse the site to get familiar with the organization of the course. [You will need to sign in with your full name (the User Identifier) and click the "Continue" button when asked to "Click the Finish button on the last page".)

Examples of e-learning tools

Anatomy will be challenging, engaging and fun!

Technology at Night...

It has been found that the blue light emitted by electronic devices in the evening and nighttime hours may be harmful to sleep and other bodily processes. As such, I recommend that all students download f.lux to diminish exposure to blue light. Learn more...